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It is rather difficult to write something with a strong opinion, but it is even harder to make-believe it with a sad end. What I hear is that anything with a sad ending is not an ending but rather a beginning. Is it true in this case too? Only wait will answer that.

Reading this particular novel, slowly at first and then diving all in, in a matter of days, not only left me asking for more but also quite sad when it ended with a sad ending - though true to life but not as how I expected.

Reading about understandings and commitments - though only in a book made me self-doubt what I too have and question myself if I was even ready for motherhood in the future. truth be told - if I do turn out like Charlotte the chances are slim that I would even forgive myself if I left my children - no matter how suffocating I think my life is getting.

The story unveils beautifully, much like a play set in a time and a place with the essence of happenings and longings where a woman, without attention feels lost within herself.

As the story goes on, we get to know more about the character of Henry but little is known about Charlotte, maybe - I reckon it is to do with the idea of an artist who keeps to her self thinking nobody understands her, or the idea as a woman who no body can understand her. She fights with her self differentiating dreams from reality. Initially I thought she might come down with Alzheimer when she sleeps in the meadow with Lucie, -guilty- but when it turns in to the idea of being overwhelmed by the idea of motherhood the story takes in a different turn.

Beautifully portrayed the character of Henry gives insight and a little hope that men like him still exist, who try to be there for their loved ones, no matter how difficult it may be. Though bound by his own insecurities of belonging no where, he tries to do what he can for his family, very manly.

Although in his best interest for his family he takes them abroad to Australia.  I had a feeling that it was due to his own belonging idea , that he takes them abroad as if to silence the plague of 'not worth it'. though later in time when he is back in India does he realise that his own sense of belonging would mean a devastating  life for his family, he thinks of returning back to U.K.

Though meaningfully elaborated and portrayed, this piece of art is peculiar in many ways much to my liking and only a little different that what had expected.  The only thing now is you have to read it to know your view.

I simply guess you would have to read it to know more.

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