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Arthur Perkins is an electrical engineer by training and a Christian at heart who takes seriously the commandment of Moses, repeated by Jesus, to ‘Love our God with all our hearts, souls and might’.  In honor of that love, Art and his wife Carolyn have devoted time to sharing Scripture with others in nursing and assisted-living homes.  In the course of the nursing home activity, Art met the key figure in Buddy, with whom he shared the experience of flight as chronicled in that novel.  In Cathy, Art builds upon Earl and Joyce’s adventures, this time with Cathy and in an end-time setting. Earl’s story continues in Jacob, with the addition of Jewish men he befriended during his internment with Joyce.  They part ways in Texas, Earl to a small RV park outside San Antonio, and Jacob to Israel by a perilous journey on a tramp ship.  In Home, Sweet Heaven, Earl with Joyce and Jacob with his new wife Moira confront the evils of their separate homelands as chaotic conditions reach a crescendo in the War of Armageddon, in which God directly participates with some shock and awe of His own making.  In addition to his novels, Art has written a Christian nonfiction work entitled Marching to a Worthy Drummer, in which he, as a Christian layperson, speaks out about the Church-perpetuated misunderstanding of the nature of the Holy Spirit.  All of the books are available through Signalman Publishing.     


Art also has shared many of the experiences related in his novels with his wife Carolyn.  Since their retirement, they continue to build a repertoire of treasured memories out of their mutual interests and incredible adventures.


Regarding his theological qualifications, he possesses through the gift of God a thorough knowledge of Scripture in his areas of interest, as well as an intimate relationship with God, and particularly with the Holy Spirit.  He tempers that with his confession of having no formal certification in theology.  He did, however, acquire a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, which enabled him to support his family while devoting his off-hours to other interests.  The training in math and logic incidental to that education also enabled him to pursue extracurricular studies in molecular biology, evolution, uniformitarianism and, most importantly, the Bible to a depth that, much to his surprise and distress, seems to have gone beyond that of the usual Christian pastor.  He served our country in the Marine Corps.  He also has acquired various pilot ratings, including certified flight instructor, commercial, instrument, multi-engine and ultralight, all of which prepared him for the purest form of flight obtainable on earth, hang gliding, and with it the God-given adventures that he cherishes so dearly.


Art and Carolyn live in the foothills of Mount Rainier in Western Washington State.

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