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The attempts of some of our so-called Christian leaders to merge Christianity with Islam represents sheer folly. The two religions are not only not the same, they are so vastly different as to be in direct opposition to each other. The only way that a merger would be possible, in fact, would be to strip both religions of their essential features.


Christianity is a religion of peace, to such an extent that in Matthew 5 Jesus commands us to love our enemies, responding to abuse with affection. The Quran, in contrast, commands its followers to kill those who don’t share their faith. Those Christians who would get their own back for injustices suffered, Clint Eastwood style, may have a sense of righteousness, but in so behaving they are demonstrating a disobedience to their Judeo-Christian God. Likewise, those Muslims who would assert that Islam is a religion of peace may have good intentions toward non-Muslims, but in so behaving they are demonstrating a lack of devotion to the Allah that Mohammed defined.


Jesus Christ is fully God to Christians and Messianic Jews, whereas to Muslims He is but a prophet, and a false one at that, denying His Gospel teachings in favor of the Quaran and promoting the worship of Allah as the true god. Nor do Muslims countenance the Holy Spirit as God. The Christian religion is both monotheistic and Trinitarian, while Allah stands alone in Islam as god. (For those who may have difficulty in reconciling the Christian Trinity with our assertion of monotheism, I explain in Marching to a Worthy Drummer how the two notions are fully and intuitively compatible.)


As Jesus said in John 8,12, 15 and 18, the world of God’s interest is spiritual rather than material, the material government of Christ in His second coming being only temporary, to be overshadowed by the New Jerusalem. By contrast, the ultimate objective of Islam is to establish a caliphate over the entire earth; even the paradise promised to the Muslim martyr is of a worldly nature.


Islam, in opposition to Christianity, encourages hatred rather than love. If they stood for the same values, it would be an abomination for Muslims to behead Christians and Jews just for being Christians and Jews. But it is not. It is a sign of “noble” fulfillment of the faith to engage in this obscene practice. The growing Muslim rape, pillage and murder of non-Muslims throughout the world is a sign of the religion’s inherently sick nature, just as it is a sign of the sick perversion of Christianity to attempt to accommodate this outrage.





Published by Art Perkins


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