5 Types Of Social Media; You Should Know In 2022

5 Types Of Social Media; You Should Know In 2022

Jan 10, 2022, 9:17:49 AM Opinion

Social media marketing is a weapon that every brand and company is trying to make sharp. Since there are multiple platforms available and each is distinct from another. Today a social media marketing agency in Delhi has brought you the types of social media platforms. 

This blog will help you understand the different types and choose the best suitable platform for your business. 

1.Social Networking Sites:

The social networking sites are Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, which helps us to connect through the platform. However, nowadays, these social networking sites are suitable for businesses to promote and sell products and services. 

Many features have been introduced in favor of the businesses and brands to promote themselves easily. One can reach a mass audience through paid ads such as Facebook ads, Twitter ads. 

Also, these social networking sites are not particular about the content. One can create multiple contents such as videos, images, etc. It has made the platforms popular among the users and made them be in the top list of social media platforms. Hence the social media marketing on these social networking sites is effective. 

2.Audio Sharing platforms:

Audio-sharing platforms are rising in today's times. The platforms like Clubhouse, Spotify, Twitter Spaces. These platforms are popular in recent times. Where you can connect with the audience through voice notes or kind of internet calling. 

The platforms like Clubhouse, where you can create the room, and there will be a mass audience gathering - many can discuss together on various topics. Such things are making the users curious about using the audio-sharing platforms. Even businesses can use these audio-sharing platforms especially, Radio stations or any business that wants to make their audience learn about their products. 

3.Community Blogging:

Blogging is the aspect that many businesses use to educate the audience about their industry and promote themselves. Apart from blogging on the website and guest blogging, there is a social platform such as Medium and Tumblr. Where you can share your deep views about every topic among genuine readers. Who reads from start to end and just doesn't scan. 

However, platforms like Tumblr and Medium are already popular for blogging and sharing among the audience. Many brands do blog here to create awareness about their industry and business. You can start blogging on the platform if you haven't!

4.Video-Sharing Platforms:

Creating and sharing the videos is available on multiple platforms, but the full-fledged video sharing platform is Youtube. Where many creators create lengthy and short videos. It is a strong platform to perform social media marketing. 

5.Discussion Platforms:

You have discussion platforms like Quora and Reddit, where you can have a discussion and share your views on different topics. Platforms like Quora help businesses to promote and answer the questions of the public. 

In this discussion platform, one can solve the query and promote their brand in a story-telling format. These are quite interesting platforms, and Quora has brought the new advertising feature to promote the brands for the mass audience. 

Final Thoughts:

These are the different types of social media platforms that one can use to promote their brands, products, and services. However, choosing the platform has certain considerations that you need to look out for. The social media marketing company in Delhi hopes this blog has helped you to categorize the platform. 

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