Is drug testing necessary in addiction treatment

Is drug testing necessary in addiction treatment

Nov 7, 2017, 12:05:55 AM Life and Styles

Millions of people use drugs and many have problematic behaviors. When someone is admitted into addiction treatment, it's up to the provider to set up a treatment plan according to the patient's needs. One way they may do this is by drug testing. Asking patients about their drug use might not be the most reliable way to find out what substances they are using and what their treatment plan should entail. Drug addicts are typically not honest or in denial about their substance use so drug testing might be the only way where a provider can assess what addictions are present and what steps and treatments might need to be administered.

Most of the time, people are tested for drugs when they enter treatment. This is because the process of detoxing can sometimes be traumatic and possibly deadly to someone if they have been a heavy user for years. It's part of appropriate patient care to see what substances they are consuming and the necessary medications or protocol to follow.

One reason drug testing is necessary is because drugs have interactions and some can't be mixed. In order for the best care to be administered it is necessary for the patient to first be assessed for severity of drug use and what substances they use. It's also helpful in determining the course of treatment and what time span a person would be expected to detox. Drug testing can be one of the first steps in finding the proper support and to help the person learn life skills that they need to establish a healthy routine and overcome addiction. 

Another reason drug testing might be necessary is to ensure compliance. If a patient is aware that they will randomly be tested then they have a reason to not relapse. Furthermore, some drug treatments are court ordered. These drug tests are administered to make sure that the individual is complying to the law and that they are moving forward in the treatment.

Residential and sober living houses might require drug treatment so that everyone is adhering to the laws of the program. It ensures that people are in the appropriate environment conducive to healing and is a step to avoid complications if someone were not compliant. Relapse is common, at a rate of about 40 to 60 percent so drug testing is a step on the road to healing.

Drug testing during recovery can help family members assess what is going on and to see the situation clearly. When someone is addicted it might be difficult to make sure that they're not using and sometimes drug testing when their behaviors aren't aligned with what they're saying can give them a better idea of what is really going on. In this case, addicts can be checked with simple urine testing procedure right at home.

Drug testing isn't a perfect science, since there are ways to pass it, but it is a tool to help an addict recover. When they know that they are going to be monitored it might make them think twice before using again. With the right support system and treatment, an addict can overcome and start living a better life.

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