How to die in the forest

How to die in the forest

  Why the fuck did we come here?I should have never agreed to this.Yeah,it seemed fun but we are in the middle of fucking nowhere, and now Jake with his dumb ideas. Let’s split up,let’s look for her. What a nerd.She is a big girl,she knows where the campsite is,she will find us. Not our fault she decided to wander around. We just gonna get lost ourselves. What a fucking mess! Where is she anyways?Why would anyone go wandering around the woods alone. I know she’s kind of a hippy but cmon,now we all gotta do this shit cos of her. Whatever!


-“Stop messing around!The camp is this way.Where are you?Kelseeeeeey!!!”

   It’s getting dark now and this dumb chick is still not back. Thank God I can see the guys around,wouldn’t wanna be lost here. Flashlights help too. Vanessa and her dumb horror stories. Never liked them. This forest gives me the creeps.

   As Ben and the others were looking for a lost friend,the darkness of the night started to settle in. The thick nightly fog started to emerge slowly, hand in hand with the encroaching dark. The forest was old,it had many stories to tell,it had seen many things. People talk about what has happened here before. Whether it’s a story or truth,regardless,the forest was old and it was oozing character and creepiness. The kind you hear about in every cliché horror story. The trees were old,with long,thick winding roots. During the day the sun could barely come through,with all of the trees being so big and tall,blocking the light. The forest was still and quiet, yet it was so menacing and atmospheric. Maybe it’s this silence and stillness what birthed the horror stories people talk about,maybe it’s all true. Stories vary depending on who you ask.There is a story about a serial killer,the one about the menacing creatures,then there is the one about a family living in the forest and hunting people down and of course the one about the creature. The forest lands itself perfectly as a centrepiece for the stories told.

   There are not that many creatures that have been spotted in these woods but when they were, it would usually be the fox,the wolf and the such. The plants in the forest, again,were not particularly diverse but weirdly most of them were poisonous,covered in thorns or both. As Ben kept looking for Kelsey,his friend,he ventured deeper and deeper into the forest,loosing the track of time and letting his friends out of sight. Thank God he had his flashlight,oh wait,the battery started to run out now, and now is when he noticed he is all alone,in the middle of nowhere,lost himself. With every passing minute it was getting darker,flashlight dying and the fog rising. No friends in sight,now he noticed. He started calling for them,waiting for reply:




-“No use.Shit!Where are they?What the fuck am I going to do now!Shit!!!!Flashlight too,why you dying on me?Please!Not now,cmoooooon!

   Ben started to freak out. Rightfully so,most people would. He turned towards the direction he came from and started to walk towards what he thought, would be the camp. He was praying,hoping,he will be ok,freaking out and wishing for the camp to be there.

-“Just five,ten minutes and I’m there.”-he was telling himself but five minutes passed,ten minutes passed and still no camp. Now,it was dark,flashlight was dead and no flashlights or light from the camp in sight. He was screwed and he knew it.

   It is very hard to navigate in the dark and for all he knows,he might be making circles but he decided to push on and hopefully he will see some sort of light somewhere to get out of the forest.He was determined not to sleep in this forest,alone,with nothing on him. The goal was to get some help or just get reunited with friends. That’s…That’s when the whispers started. As he was walking alone,through pitch black,slowly,the whispers have begun. It sounded like multiple different voices and Ben could not make out what he was hearing, but someone was whispering right in his ear,first left,then right and then both,non stop. The minute he heard this,he started to freak out.He started to wave his arms crazily,assuming someone sneaked up on him and is playing a game but nobody was there,nobody he could see and it was pitch black.The whispers continued regardless of which direction he was moving and how fast and with time, they were getting stronger and stronger,louder and louder and yet not making any sense at all. They were good at one thing. Driving the guy mad.At one point he just stopped and screamed from the top of his lungs,right in the middle of the dark forest:

-“Stooooooooooop!!!!!Leave me aloooooooooooooone!!!!”

Ben started to run.It was a dumb idea. Dark,he doesn’t know where he is going and he knew it was dumb but he was freaked out,horror stories from earlier, really got his mind racing and he just wanted to get out. Naturally,with the thick long roots of the trees,it was only a matter of time til he stumbled and fell,having tripped on one. Worn out,tired,tearing up,scared and confused,with whispers stronger then ever he fell to the ground. Closed his eyes and lied there. Then suddenly,he felt a touch.More like a poke. Instantly thinking it was his friends he opened his eyes. It,was not his friends,he wished it would be after this. It was them. Just like the stories have told and this story does not have a happy ending neither. 


Published by Arthur Lepa


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