Modern day Boogeyman

Modern day Boogeyman

Scream!It was right in the dead of the night. I remember that night so well but I digress.Let’s get back to how it began.

   That house was always creeping me out. Weird shadows,always covered in the dark.It felt like sun did not shine at that corner of the street at all. There were always stories about the house and the people,the owner,who lives there. Initially,18th century house was standing right here. Full of character,stories and lots of creep factor but not too long ago it was gone. Demolished,destroyed and the new owner built a swanky new mansion. Stylish,modern,minimalistic. Understandably, whole street was excited,we all took an interest in what is going on.i think that would be fair to say. Someone famous or rich or both has moved in,we thought.Hmmmm,looking back on it,it would not be surprising if you would mistake this man for a star or just a man with power and money. He was oozing confidence and was radiating power. Nobody knew who he was though,or where he came from as a matter of fact. He just came out of nowhere,new neighbour and moved in. You had to have some money to buy this house. To build it in the first place and he was behind it all.


   So back to that night. It was the middle of the week,middle of the night. As I was getting ready for bed and closing the windows,I saw the owner park his nice sports car,the one I wanted so badly for myself and lead his lady friend into his mansion. Just another night for this lucky guy,I thought. It was no secret he had frequent guests and most of them were women and some people were talking about it on the street but not me,however I did notice and boy,I will admit,I was jealous. Point is,as I went to bed and just started to fall asleep,next thing I hear is the loud scream. Like someone is screaming from the top of their lungs,it was a woman’s scream. Of course,I instantly thought that something has happened to my neighbour,or his friend or both of them. I grabbed my hand gun,the one I keep next to the bed in the night stand and made my way outside. Being the good Samaritan that I am,I had to help my neighbour,even though we did not speak much. I called 911 and went outside. I ran towards the house and in a minute I was there,outside the door. I knocked hard,fast and many times but nobody has opened. I had to do something. I did a running start and smashed into the door. Yupp,just like the movies. It took a couple of tries,my shoulder did hurt but this man needed my help,or his friend.Something had to be done. What I saw next,just wait for it…

   I broke the door down,gun helped a bit,I will admit and it smashed open. There he was,at the top of the stairs.Stairs right in front of me. Woman,his lady friend,right at the bottom of the stairs,dead,cold,bleeding. Her scarlet red blood is spreading slowly still on the white floor tiles,filling up the cracks.It is pouring,pulsating from her slit throat. There he was,at the top of the stairs,staring at me,staring at this whole situation. I was speechless,frozen,locked in place. I did not know what to say and what to do. Was it him?Is he going to give me some explanation?He was just standing there,proud,confident. Big dark eyes,staring right at me. Oh,then I saw it,scarlet drops dripping from his lips.He wiped the blood off with the cuff of his white shirt. It was surreal. He was an animal. He hunted and caught his prey. A monster,a monster for all the people,a modern day bogeyman. I was scared to move as I was not sure what he is capable of and what he will do next. All I could think of,was to point the gun at him and demand plausible explanation for what I am witnessing. As soon as I pointed the gun at him,it instantly turned on me.My own hand,holding a gun,pointing right at the side of my head. I want to let go,but I could not. He was just staring at me,he never let the sight break and never let his gaze go. I was next. Before I knew it,I shot myself. Right in the head. Now,looking back on it..I know for certain it was his power,one of his powers and I never stood a chance.


   What now?How am I telling you all this?I know,I know. it happens..I am now bound to this house. I am stuck here. I cannot leave,to the next world,to the next street,im fucking stuck. Yay,lucky me. All because of him. I can’t do much now,being the spirit at all,not to him anyways and he knows it and he abuses it and teases me. The amount of times he kills me for fun over and over,knowing I can’t die and can’t go anywhere…It’s annoying but also kinda getting boring even for me. Now,every year same thing repeats itself. Same day,same month,every year he finds a new girl and brings her home. Sucks all her blood dry and keeps going on with his daily life like nobody’s business and all I can do is watch. You would think people would suspect something but nope.It’s the house,his special little creation. Nobody ever can find anyone,any body or any trace of anything. He is always clean,innocent when we all know,he is nothing but. Sometimes there is a brave soul like me who goes out of their way and puts up a fight after they see what has happened but in the end,they just join the club. More fun for me I guess but someday,I know,someday,he will be stopped.

Published by Arthur Lepa

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