The things we lost that night

The things we lost that night

   This was the moment. This was it. The moment when it all stopped. The moment when it all ended. the moment..when I died.

Yes,I remember it vividly. I remember it lasted a couple of seconds,I would say, but it felt like…an eternity. Like a film I was watching and the story was slowly unfolding in front of me. Now here I am,staring at the scene. The scene in this movie of mine. The scene which makes the movie. Where it all ends. Where it all goes upside down and changes everything.

   Here is the truck.Right in front of us. God,the noise it made!It was like a train. Only this train was on the road and heading straight at us. I don’t remember much about it. I mean,I did just have, like a second, before I realised what is coming. I do remember the headlights,the big blinding headlights,almost like the sun. Almost,like an oncoming train where you see nothing but the lights and you know it is over for you. The noise this thing made. It did feel for that second that maybe we are driving on the railroad. That noise is the last thing I heard that night.Heard in my life,correction.For some,it’s their loved one,for the others it’s nature,for me,for me it’s the damn random truck in the middle of the road.Great. THIS was the last thing I heard,and the screams of Casey,mom and dad. I did not have to watch them suffer or die. I don’t know if it would have been great to see them last time or watch them fight for their life myself and hope for the best.Maybe I was lucky.Lucky I did not have to see them,my family suffer.

   Here I am. Strapped in, with my belt. If only it would have helped, but I guess,I would look much different, if I would not be using it. At least I am recognisable,I guess…Casey.She saw it. Her face.You can see the terror in her face.She knows what’s coming. My little sister. I miss you. I miss you so much. Mom.Dad.Weird. They both always stress about the small things. They both worry all the time and think about all the small details but here,here they seem so sombre,mellow. There is sadness as they see what’s coming but it is,as if they have accepted what is coming and they are making the most out of the seconds they have together,they have with us all being together. Like I said,it was all within seconds but it felt like an eternity. Hmmmm,I never noticed their faces. I mean how could I but..I love them. They have always been an inspirational couple to me and I might sound like a total nerd here,but,I do love my parents.They are awesome. There,I said it.Don’t judge,I’m dead I can say it now.

That windshield. Always we had problems with it.The cracks,the bugs.That time Casey smashed it. In the next second it will be smashed,squashed and will have a giant truck in it and through it. We can never fix it and I guess,I guess that stupid windshield got what it wanted.

   Hmmm,that evening was quite nice. Now that I am out of the car,in the middle of all this,I can actually appreciate the beauty of the winter road. I mean,the roads were slippery,I remember dad did complain a lot about all this snow. It is so beautiful. Yeah,deadly,I mean look at me but I can still appreciate the beauty of the world I used to live in. The car will slide,the truck will slide.Maybe,it’s natures way of showing and reminding us who is the boss. Maybe it’s just the circumstance,the faith. I am not sure if I ever believed in it but I cannot say I did not,guess I didn’t think about it much.

    Hmmmm,the night seems so quiet and peaceful. I never noticed the stars. It was a beautiful night. Dark,ominous but oh so beautiful with stars scattered like little diamonds. I guess people often believe that all these stars are people who have passed.Guess I am one of the stars now,huh?I guess I gotta go now.It was weird. Weird and wonderful. Wonderfully,weird. Seeing mom and dad and Casey. Made me so happy even though the circumstance is not the best,I guess. But,it was nice and I am greatful.Greatful and thankful. Goodbye,I love you.I love you all.

Published by Arthur Lepa

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