What to do during your Winter vacations in Cancun

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What to do during your Winter vacations in Cancun

Sep 13, 2021, 9:34:04 PM Life and Styles

If this is your first vacation in Cancun, you will indeed have read about its paradisiacal white sandy beaches. And while winter in many places is freezing, Cancun is the exception, as the weather is relatively pleasant, especially if you come from an area with low temperatures.

During the winter in Cancun, the minimum temperature can be from 20 to 18°, so you won't have to worry about packing warm clothes, nor will you have to cancel your plans for beach trips or water parks.

It is a fact that this Caribbean city has been influenced by hundreds of cultures worldwide. Therefore, whether you visit the town during the spring, summer, fall, or winter, you will always find ideal activities for you and everyone who accompanies you, no matter what type of trip you take to the city.

Are you planning to spend the winter in Cancun?

Stop thinking it's a bad idea because this city can adapt quickly to any type of visitor.

Even in Cancun, winter days are warm, so activities in the sun can be much more pleasant than in summer when temperatures are very high.

Before your trip to Cancun, you should consider the following:

The weather during the winter is not exactly cold, so you can go out in shorts, light clothes, and sandals during the day. However, during the night, the temperature can drop up to 10 degrees! Of course, this does not mean you should wear a thick sweater, but you should wear at least a pair of pants or a light sweater if you plan to go out at night in the hotel zone.


What is winter like in Cancun?

During the winter, the average temperature is 20 to 24 degrees Celsius throughout the city; however, in places like the hotel zone, where you can find yourself near beaches and lagoons, the weather can drop to 18 degrees Celsius.

The winter season in Cancun is during December, January, and February. In these seasons, the weather is favorable for outdoor walks without suffering sunstroke. However, we recommend using sunscreen. 


Visiting Cancun in winter doesn't mean you can't get a spectacular tan; during the middle of the day, you can sunbathe and get the perfect tan to show off on your return.


What to do during the winter in Cancun?

Due to the enjoyable weather that Cancun offers during the winter, you should know that this is one of the favorite seasons for travelers to visit the city. You will indeed have to make many reservations before your trip to get available during your visit to the town.

Most of the plans that Cancun offers are outdoors, so you will certainly have to organize your trip in advance because being one of the most requested seasons, most of these activities increase their demand by up to 80%.


The most popular activities to do in Cancun during your winter visit are: Swimming with dolphins, visiting the beaches, snorkeling, extreme zip line jumps, bungee jumping, and of course, visiting the nearby archeological sites and cenotes in the region. 

Near Cancun, you will find the famous ruins of Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Uxmal, to learn more about the Mayan culture.


If you are traveling with children, you will be happy to know that you can include them in most activities! Especially if you plan to visit the water parks like Ventura Park, Xelha, Xcaret, and many more.


If your visit is with friends or a partner, you can enjoy the wonders that Cancun offers at night, such as nightclubs, shows, restaurants of all kinds of themes, and more.

One of the main attractions you will find in Cancun is the warmth that its inhabitants offer to each of the people who decide to visit this beautiful Caribbean destination.

Cancun is a city that, besides being attractive and having incredible nightlife, offers natural wonders that you will not want to miss., such as the coral reefs, its beautiful and vast jungle, one of the most beautiful mangrove sites in the world, and nearby islands that seem to have been taken out of a fairy tale.


How to get around Cancun:

The mobility options in Cancun can be pretty tedious if you can't find the ideal way to move from one place to another. However, the best chance to move around the city is with a Car Rental Cancun service.

Other transportation methods include public transportation, shared transportation, cab, hotel shuttles (if your reservation includes transportation to attractions).

In places near Cancun, such as Playa del Carmen, ADO and Rental Cars in Playa del Carmen are also viable options.              

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