Manila is considered to be one of the hottest and most exotic cities for sightseeing and cultural backgrounds. This city is different than most popular and tourist-ridden cities; it has come a long way in terms of development. It’s image is slowly starting to change for the better thanks to the societal and economy boost provided by the newest wave of touristic facilities. Restaurant, nightclubs, and art galleries are helping Manila become one of the hottest rising cities in the Southeast Asia region. We’ll be providing you with some facts that will make you want to see for yourself why Manila is a great city to visit.

  • The Spanish Base of Operations

Intramuros was built by the Spanish colonials on a strategic piece of land, it was only 0.67 square kilometers worth of land. It’s placement between a river and the Manila bay made it the Spaniards base in Asia. Once you’re inside Intramuros, you’ll feel as if you walked on Spanish soil instead of an Asian one.

  • The First Chinatown is in Manila

Binondo is known as the first Chinatown, with a wide array of commerce between the Chinese and the Filipinos. Making this place an exquisite location with exotic shops offering Chinese food and products. The streets of Binondo are filled with exotic cultural decorations like Chinese lanterns.

  • Manila is Offering Volunteering Opportunities

Gawad Kalinga is a major organization that helps the poor and homeless to find homes in an effort to create safe and productive villages to make the environment safely habitable. GK is known for its great number of volunteering opportunities that can help you visit sites under development. You can help with this great movement and find some amazing people to befriend.

  • Manila is Full of Odd Malls

Philippines love their malls, they design them as open-air fields with tons of activities in a relatively small space. You can actually find ice-cream parlors, bars, markets, and even churches in a single mall in Manila.

  • Manila's Concert Vortex

A huge mix of Spanish, American, and island cultural norms aided in the creation of a great art scene in Manila that's matched by none. You’ll find the highest concentration of writers, painters, musicians, poets, and numerous other artists in the region of Manila. If you’re interested in international concerts and parties, then you should definitely pay it a visit. Click here to see a review of the latest Josh Groban tour in Manila which left a considerable impact on the international scene.

  • Jolly Jeep

Jolly Jeep are food stalls along the streets of Makati City. If you truly would like to taste the famous Filipino dishes like Bicol Express and Pork Adobo served in interest plastic bowls then Jolly Jeep should be your first destination.

  • Manila's Methane Gas Conversion Project

If you’re truly interested in seeing the rawest and hardest regions of Manila, then you should definitely pay a visit to the Payatas. You can also see the United Nations program related to the climate change crisis; where landfills in Payatas have their methane gas converted into energy used to power the city.

  • A Great and Famous Club Scene

Nightlife in Manila is the core of nightlife in Philippines. Electronic dance music thumping through the roots of the city at night with many entertainment options for tourists to explore. The old and the young can always have a blast in Manila.

  • WW2 Vehicles Used for Transportation

You can hop on a WW2 jeep that is actually considered a form of entertainment and transportation at the same time. You’ll be getting shuffled around with a lot of people in the back while the driver passes through the traffic in the most unorthodox ways ever.

  • Manila has a lot of Secret Tunnels

Under most expensive and modern buildings, malls, and company's headquarters lies secret tunnels made even before the second world war. You can stroll down these tunnels connecting different places in the city like a network and get a glimpse of the oldest infrastructures in the city.

Final Thoughts

Manila isn’t exactly for all types of tourists, it may pose some challenges if you’re just looking for a peaceful place with a couple museums and squares to get your pictures taken at. In Manila, you can find the most rebellious art scenes and you can also find some of the world’s worst slums. If you keep an open-minded approach to your visit, you will never forget that experience.


Published by Samantha Brown