Self-hypnosis is complete nonsense. We will be realistic when the last time it gave confidence? Helped to lose weight? Advance the service? There was an option never. Of course, there are plenty of "experts" around who sell this beaten move: just say 50 times "I am matchless, beautiful and can achieve everything", and you will immediately become confident in yourself as president. It works? No. So let's talk about the methods that help people to gain self-confidence. Before we immerse ourselves in the formation of real self-esteem, let's go back a step and try to understand what constitutes confidence.

Confidence is the knowledge that what you own will later become what you want and make you happier. This is a necessary condition for the idea to become an action. Confidence is the ability to believe in yourself when a big deal is planned, to raise your hand when an exciting project appears, or to speak at a conference (and without any excitement!).  So in case you are wondering how to be confident when you need to understand that it is not an easy task.

Confidence is not a 100% guarantee that everything will always work out, but it helps to get out of the comfort zone, expand boundaries and take a course for success. Statistics confirm that success is more associated with confidence than with competence. So, here are five steps to belief.

1. Depict confidence

Strange as it may sound, but to learn to be genuinely self-confident, at first you can imitate confidence. In the wild, some animals pretend to be brave in the face of danger. Pretend you are. The below are the tips for confident persons.


2. Do not forget that you expect more from yourself than others from you

The good news is: the whole world will believe what you are showing. Thank God, no one can read your mind, be aware of fear and anxiety.

The bad news is: you can misinterpret any sidelong glance, any random word, any reaction of people to your actions, and then worry about this (by your own contrived) reason.

In this case, psychologists recommend listening to your inner voice (do not get scared ahead of time, no one is going to persuade you to engage in self-suggestion). Do a little experiment: for one week, write down what thoughts are spinning in your head (exact wording) when you lack self-confidence. This is the part of the tips for confident in office.

By merely recording and analysing your internal dialogue, you will be one step closer to reducing the number and, we hope, the complete elimination of such thoughts.

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3. Monitor your physical condition

We understand that this is a cliché to say that you need to take care of your health, but this cliché did not appear from scratch. Have you ever wondered why all successful executives go in for sports regularly? If you process, eat fast food, sleep a little and lead mostly sedentary lifestyles, it becomes more difficult to show the world the best version of yourself. These are the parts of the confident tips for personnel life.


You do not need to train until you drop a few hours a day: a 30-minute walk from work to home or climbing to the 10th floor by the stairs may be enough to produce endorphins. Start with small changes in your usual lifestyle, gradually get used to them.

Published by Samantha Brown