The big issue of the tech world , now days everyone is wondering how can we keep ourselves safe in this massive cyberspace , Phishing methods ,Spams  ,Trojans ,Viruses and Worms.

Some people talk a lot about awareness importance and super expensive security solutions and how to be 100% secure , it’s like they are saying that their plan is to never get sick in their whole life time , and that just won’t happen.

 our goal should be to decrease the frequency of getting sick , because diseases and vulnerabilities are the same , they are infinite ,every day there’s some new ones and you can’t really keep up with everything.

Everything made by humans can be hacked by humans ,even the massive companies which has a massive yearly security budgets and hires thousands of security people get hacked some times,everyone knows that nobody is perfect and we’ll get started from this point to increase our security by 80% with very basic security practices in the upcoming articles.

Published by Rami Al-Taei