17 Keys to Self-Control

Self-Control or self-discipline puts us in charge of what we say, and what we do. It is a required skill and knowledge for all. We take courses all the time to teach us a new skill. These are self-programming tools or tools for self-discipline. Everyone needs self-discipline as a practice. Those of us who are highly creative or sensitive need may find we need this self-programming more than others. Without it, our lives can feel out of balance, chaotic, and endless cycles of doing the same thing expecting a different result.
Self-discipline prevents us from doing harmful things to ourselves and helps us stay safe, successful and create peace in our lives.
Know you can succeed - To develop self- discipline, you must know you CAN live it out in your life. If you think it's too hard, it will be.
1.    Pinpoint your weaknesses. Don't be afraid to do a thorough a thorough self-examination of your daily habits. Look for when do you lose yourself to chaos and become busy, overwhelmed but unproductive?  Some common areas include emotional control, overeating, gossiping, worrying, overworking, oversleeping, and so on.
2.    Now, look at the why you lack self-discipline in an area. Your assessment may take some time. Do a journey or inner reflection meditation to help expose (bring light) to this issue in yourself.
3.    Which are spiritual law(s) you violating when not practicing self-discipline? These violations are ways you are hurting yourself (subconsciously) on a daily basis.
4.    Make a commitment to tackle one problem area without reservation.
5.    Create a plan of action. Ensure that you have clear steps and keep it simple. Fewer steps are always better.
6.    Find a community to support you. Don't be afraid to ask for help.
7.    Start small, little steps leads to big rewards.
8.    Your greatest reward is internal (peace, focus, self-control, empowerment). However, most of us need some external reward, create periodic rewards for yourself that support your area of growth.
9.    Be flexible within the structure you've created. Things will happen, they always do. Prepare for slips and adversity by having one thing you can do to get back to the program.
10.    Handle disappointment with love. You will make mistakes, take steps backward, but can you handle those setbacks with love and support for the self.
11.    Rephrase Self-denial as giving direction to the lower self or self-direction. Meaning your higher mind provides structure to the lower-self. Without it, the lower self is left to run the show. Essentially, without structure (boundaries, "box," matrix), the whole person (you) will lose.
12.    Start the day by affirming wisdom and strength. Do this periodically during the day as needed.
13.    At the end of each day, express gratitude for your progress, no matter how small.
14.    Don't quit because you experience a few failures. Keep going regardless of setbacks. Quitting is wrong thinking.
15.    Don't be afraid to be hard on yourself when it is needed. Very few people talk about tough self- love because so many may have had bad experiences that tough love is mistaken for abuse. But our severity and grace are two columns that we use to take the middle path or the balance path. Use them strategically to stay centered.
16.    Remember your purpose is to create and maintain a new healthy daily ritual or habit
17.    Create a practice for a minimum of 40 days to help make it a part of your character. There are many reasons to do it. The simplest being 40 days is an effective measure for counting out a solar year. While that in itself doesn't mean much, there are mythical and mystical interpretations for the number 40 which also makes it a significant number. It is associated with psychological death, rebirth or resurrection. It is a number related to mastering disorder or chaos which would support self-control or discipline. The key is to go beyond 40 full days or cycles.
Self-discipline requires daily persistent effort. It is a lifelong practice that begins in our mind and is supported by everyday actions.

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