As so many old wives’ tales have been passed down throughout the years, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between those that are true from those that are simply myths. Here we take a look at four common medical related beliefs to establish fact from fiction.

1. Excessive masturbation can lead to erectile dysfunction

Although masturbation is healthy and natural, many men believe that pleasuring themselves too much can lead to erectile dysfunction. However, this problem cannot actually be caused by excessive masturbation. Erectile dysfunction can have a range of both physical and psychological causes, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety and depression. If you or your partner struggle with this issue in the bedroom, you may want to consider speaking to your doctor for help. For example, they may suggest making some changes to your lifestyle or encourage you to buy medicines or another form of erectile dysfunction treatment.

2. Cracking your knuckles can cause arthritis

Whether you find knuckle cracking irritating or oddly satisfying, this old wives’ tale claims that this habit can cause arthritis. However, the findings of a study carried out at Mount Carmel Mercy Hospital in Detroit proved this to be untrue. Researchers made a comparison between those who had been cracking their fingers for years against those who resisted the urge with the findings showing absolutely no difference in the occurrence of arthritis between the two groups. While cracking your knuckles puts you at no greater risk of developing this condition, it could potentially affect your grip strength, so you may want to kick the habit to avoid this.

3. Sitting too close to the TV can damage your eyesight

While this popular saying is not true today, television’s did once pose as a threat to viewer’s eyesight. Television sets made before 1968 released high levels of energy radiation which proved to cause damage to the eyes. However, today’s TVs do not produce any harmful or dangerous emissions at all, so sitting within close proximity to the telly will not lead to the deterioration of your eyesight. However, it could cause eye strain or fatigue, so you may want to keep your viewing to a healthy minimum.


4. Eating spicy food causes ulcers

For years, some doctors believed eating spicy food caused ulcers as patients would often complain of a burning sensation in their stomachs after eating these types of meals. However, there is no evidence that shows this to be true. In fact, some spicy foods can actually be good for your body. For example, hot peppers, which contain the capsaicin chemical, can help heal ulcers by stimulating blood flow to the wound.

Taking note of these four debunked medical myths should make you think twice the next time you hear an old wives’ tale.








Published by Mohsin Ahsan