There are times in life when you have to make tough decisions. Having aging parents that can no longer take care of themselves is one such tough issue.  Taking your parents to a senior living facility is not a choice that many people like to make. However, sometimes situations may force you to opt for these services. Read on to know the different problems that seniors face in these facilities.

Living in a community

One of the benefits of elderly care facilities is the fact that aging parents will live in a community of residents in their age group. This means that they can easily make friends or interact with other residents. However, living among many people may result in problems such as verbal insults and even fights. Furthermore, some health problems like pre-dementia can result in aggression that can be directed to other individuals in the home. 

Less freedom

Senior care homes may provide social activities outside that seniors can take part in. However, they will not have the freedom that they enjoy when they are living in their homes. One cannot just go anywhere on their own without company or permission. The elderly may not be able to check out a quick film at local theatres or take a walk outside whenever they feel like because their outdoor excursions are restricted.

Living arrangements are smaller

Most assisted living facilities will offer different communal and private areas for the seniors to move around. Your aging parents will be moving from their spacious home to smaller living areas. Most of these arrangements usually accommodate a bed, table, few chairs, and a dresser only. Such big changes can have emotional, health, and mental effects on your aging parents, who must familiarize themselves with this new environment.

Isolation and boredom

The change of environment can result in feelings of depression and boredom for aging parents. This is because they may end up isolating themselves in their rooms or apartments. Even though some facilities may provide age-related activities and trips to seniors, they may be unfamiliar with them or they may not like them. As a result, most seniors may wish to get back to their personal homes and enjoy the activities they love.


Senior care living facilities tend to be more expensive compared to in-home care services. Even though some charges may be offset by private insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare, the monthly costs may be more than what you can afford. This can significantly increase your monthly expenditure and may end up straining your finances. If your elderly parents own a home and do not need intensive medical care, then a caregiver can offer daily assistance at more affordable rates.

When the time comes for your loved one to go to a senior care home, you must ensure that they get the best facility available. Shop extensively and check out online resources before making a decision. Consider the choices, health, and happiness that your elderly loved one wants in their lives, then assist them in making the right decision. You will never go wrong with the best and reputable institution in town.

Published by Lucy Jones