Five Life-Changing ways to Stay Stress-Free

Life can really present a mixed bag of occurrences. Some of these daily occurrences or experiences can be more pleasurable than others and deal with unpleasant interludes can also become frustrating.

Our minds can be a fierce battlefield filled with all sorts of rambling thoughts some of which can be the unkindly accumulating negative self-talk. Despite the best efforts to defeat our inner demons an overload of responsibility can peek to the point, we adopted the most anxiety-filled word there is stress. Stress can slip into our experience presenting an alternative state that more often than not only gifts us with despair. In stress, we may feel like time is about to run out or has perhaps this is a truthful assumption but the consequences may all be imaginary illusions that are fear driven at its core.

Perhaps we can change our outlook on stress and attempt to overcome overwhelming burdensome periods in our life by taking some great steps in becoming stress-free.Stress at its onset can be crushed and at best defeated. We can adopt a calmer attitude with faced with the accumulation by task redirecting our thought process and by readjusting our mood. Here are five life-changing ways to stay stress-free…


The first scene that may come to mind perhaps when thinking about meditation may be an internal picture in which we envision a person sitting in a yoga pose and peacefully chanting om in our head. Yet, Meditation offers a unique opportunity to be practice anywhere at any time even internally when stress emerges. Setting time alone even for five minutes to meditate during the onset of stress can be beneficial in gaining clarity and clearing out any stressful energy.


Taking time to calm oneself internally through meditation often by simply breathing in and out gently and centering yourself can allow room for acceptance of the now of time, sooth your internal chatter, and gain inner clarity on how to proceed.

Letting go of control issues and letting situations unfold naturally is what can be embraced and released while breathing. The truth is we can only control our experiences to a certain extent the rest remains out of control to what seems to be within a power much greater than we are.

As co-creators of our experience remain comforted though in knowing that all that exists is now. The past is gone, the future is not yet written, and we can remain active in the source of our created experiences which is nestled into the present. Breathing techniques also allow us to become aware of our creative connection in the now of time to everything and everyone.


Relaxing can be a word during stress that can present annoying counter practice especially when you feel the weight of the world on your back. It may seem impossible to relax when experiencing stress but if our attention shifts to adopt a calmer mood we can deflect off stress to gain beneficial balance to proceed.

What do you enjoy doing to relax?

Taking part in enjoyable activities during stress may seem counterproductive but it can be a helpful distraction in centering yourself in obtaining a calmer mood to complete necessary tasks. Enjoying a hobby in moderation even for ten to fifteen minutes in the onset of stress can initiate a calmer mood or feelings that gradually relax nerves that can be rattled by stress.


Exercising can combat anxiety produced by stress because it channels built up tension releasing energy in a productive way. Not only is exercising healthy for you it's also a valuable outlet to release tension, clear out grievances and re-center yourself towards achieving your goals with success.

Even if for five minutes exercising can be the gateway for releasing physical and internal tension that can often surface during the onset of stress.


Getting more restful sleep can be beneficial activity in order to wake up feeling refreshed. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “healthy sleep habits can make a big difference in your quality of life.

Getting the necessary hours of sleep which is for adults gaining at least six to nine hours of sleep can be beneficial to gain the energy to approach daily activities.

The Creative Power of sleep can ensure success as well.Sleeping in moderation to endure stressful events can be our creative soil. Before sleep and after we can invoke our imaginative faculties while participating in our envisioned scenes of our wish fulfilled. As we imagine our state preferred in collaboration with our feelings and senses we can essentially imprint these intentions on our subconscious mind. If these assumptions are persisted in eventually these creative acts will harden into fact or resonate into our world of experience.


Published by Naomi S. Gobern