When it comes to fashion and clothing, there are certain things which never go out of style. Amongst footwear, Suede boots are an extremely popular choice as they are not only versatile, but also have a certain vintage appeal to them. They are available in many styles and can be worn in both a formal as well as an informal setting. These boots keep you warm and if you have chosen the right pair, it will make you look chic with no matter what your outfit is. Be it with jeans, or a dress, skirt or wih tights, sueded boots is always a great add on.

If you are looking to invest in a good pair of suedes, there are a few things you must consider first.


Keep in mind these tips when buying suede boots:


  1. Keeping the rest simple: You will get a variety of styles when looking for the perfect suede boot. However, keep in mind that these boots have a strong personality of their own, so wearing too many textures and colours will simply ruin the whole look. The suede boot itself comes in a variety of different colours, styles, and textures. Pair them up with a nice pair of clean jeans and a shirt and you will have perfected your look for the day.
  2. Maintenance: Owing to the manufacturing details, suede boots require little bit of extra care and attention. For protecting a really good pair of boots, you will need to spray them with a protectant to keep the exterior looking fresh and new. This spray will also repel dirt and help keep stains at bay. Suede shoes tend to stain pretty easily. In case of a stain, immediately wipe it down with a towel wet with water and white vinegar. When storing your suedes, be sure to store them in a cedar shoe box to maintain their structure.
  3. Water is danger: Suede is made from the underside of leather being sanded down. This is what gives your boots that warm, fuzzy feeling and texture. However, after a few wears, you will see obvious signs of wear and tear on your boots. In order to bring them back to life, hold your boots over a steamer or a tea kettle, and allow the steam to reach your boots. Then, using a clean toothbrush, brush your boots back to life. Never put water directly on your suedes, as it will damage your boots beyond repair.
  4. Find your style: You will be awed by the variety of styles you can find in suede boots; starting from loafers, to chukkas, to Chelsea boots, trainers, and desert boots. Try out a few styles first, and learn how to pair them up with the correct outfits. Too much colour and texture can end up becoming a fashion disaster. You can wear a few of them on trial and ask for votes from pals before deciding on the right one.
  5. Storing your boots: Many shy away from buying suedes as they feel that these boots get damaged quickly. This can be true, only if you do not know about the proper care for your boots. Your suedes cannot be stored in a plastic box like your other shoes. Since they are made of leather, they need space to breathe. Store them in a cool, dry place like a closet, wrapping them in a pillowcase first. Keep them away from direct sunlight and places of humidity, as this can damage your boots.

Getting the right pair of suedes can be like dream come true. Remembering these tips will help you find the perfect pair of boots, while caring for them in the right way would increase their life. 

Published by Jack Louis