5 Things Texas Homeowners Need To Know About Mold Removal and Water Damage

5 Things Texas Homeowners Need To Know About Mold Removal and Water Damage

May 28, 2019, 10:45:56 AM Life and Styles

Water damage can be devastating. From destroying your property to creating unwanted mold—water damage is one of the worst ordeals you have to deal with. But, it has happened. So, what next? How do you deal with it? Well, acting fast should be your top priority. Waiting can make things worse. From losing your insurance claim to electrocution related accidents—waiting can cost you a lot. So, here are 5 things you should know about mold remove and water damage in Texas.

Insurance Policies

Not all instance policies are the same. Some cover flood related damages while other are restricted to damages that arise from water. So, don’t think water is just water. Water from flooding is different from that arising from burst pipes. Therefore, when filing claims with your insurance company, be sure to state the source of water—i.e. from flooding or burst pipes.

Mold Grows Fast

Mold depends only two things to grow—a cellulose material and moisture. Plus, most buildings have cellulose material. Thus, whenever it comes into contact with water, mold can grow—even within 24 hours. So, it’s important to have the water removed as soon as possible. Don’t let it grow to the walls, boxes, or wood. Remember, mold can force you to replace expensive material in your house. Worse still, mold can be difficult when it comes to its removal. So, acting fast and call Ace Mold Remediation Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.

Act Fast

Don’t wait. Things can get worse. Don’t allow water destroy everything. Call your insurance agency. Take pictures and videos before touching anything. Call a professional mold Removal Company. Remember, mold tends to spread fast. And it can be difficult removing it from your home. Alternatively, you can contact a water damage restoration company in your area. They have the experience to do emergency water extraction.

Call Your Insurance Company

Don’t touch anything without informing your insurance company. Your insurance company will send its representatives and start filling your claims immediately. Never conduct any repairs without informing your insurer. Plus, consider taking images and videos.

Water Pollution Level

Pay attention to the water’s pollution level. It’s very important. For your health, familiarize yourself with the following categorization:

·         Category 1: This is water that comes from clean sources—including fresh water lines. This category don’t cause illnesses.

·         Category 2: This is water that can lead to illnesses. Usually, such water contains bacteria. So, coming into contact with it can make you sick.

·         Category 3: This category contains highly contaminated water. It can lead to severe illnesses or even cause death. Water that comes into contact with the sever line, overflowing toilets, and storm fall under this category.

The Bottom-Line

Water damages are common. However, they can cause a lot of destruction—including those annoying molds. Therefore, you need to know what to do to save your property. From knowing when to call your insurer to water pollution levels—the above are things Texas homeowners should know when it comes to mold removal and water damage.

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