5 Weight Loss Secrets for Working Women

Gone are the days when women were mainly home and kitchen bound. In today’s changed scenario, women are equally efficient in handling home and career alike. Busy working women however rarely get an opportunity to focus on their body or health. Hence, they become a victim of obesity and poor fitness regime. Moreover, the stress of juggling between career and home leaves them with no time for themselves.

Complaining, however, is not the solution! Working out a balance between personal and professional life is what’s need to be done.

Although, joining a weight loss program from one of the best weight loss clinics in Delhi such as AAYNA can be your best bet, there are certain lifestyle changes too, incorporating which can help you in your journey towards weight loss and fitness. Have a look-

1)     Keep Those Legs Active-

Get your blood pumping by walking as much as possible? This will help you burn some calories without any extra efforts. So the next time you struggle between using an elevator and stairs, choose the latter instead. Keep a track over the number of steps you walk in a day and increase them gradually. Also, take a walk to the market or office if it’s nearby, whenever you can, instead of driving.

2)     Eat Smart-

Keep an eye on what you consume throughout the day. Remember caffeine dehydrates the body quickly. For your office cravings, it’s always better to pack a few healthy snacks in order to avoid eating junk food. Also, keep your body hydrated by consuming at least 2-3 liters of water every day. Stick to home-made food rich in vitamins and minerals instead of ordering it from outside. 

3)     Let Exercise Be a Priority-

Make some adjustments in your routine to take out time for exercising. If you have a desk job where you need to sit for hours at a stretch, take small breaks and walk around to reactivate the blood flow. Simple stretching while sitting at your office desk work wonders too. Additionally, some good cardio or even yoga while listening to your favorite music is a good way to work those muscles up.

4)     Be Happy-

As the saying goes- “laughter is the best medicine”. Laughing releases the happy hormone “oxytocin” which helps you stay healthy. Giggle as much as you can with your office buddies or watch some comedy videos in the break time while at the office.

5)     Join A Good Weight Management Program-                         

As mentioned earlier, a weight loss program can help a lot. Go for an effective treatment such as “Exilis Elite” by AAYNA clinic. The treatment is aimed at targeting fatty deposits on the body in a non-invasive way. It can contour your body from head to toe – be it flanks, abdomen, breast, bra fat, thighs, upper arms or knee fat. Apart from melting the fat, the mechanism also tightens your skin. The treatment has no downtime and the patient can resume normal activities as soon as the treatment gets over. For more effective results, you can avail “Power Plus Exilis Elite” treatment which is designed for body reshaping and inch loss. If you are planning to go for a treatment, always choose the best weight loss clinic in Delhi to see significant results, without any side effects.


Published by Sumity Paul


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