6 All Time Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas Still Relevant This Year

The craze of the upcoming haunting holiday, The Halloween 2018 is soon to knock the door in the month of October. And people can’t wait to wrap themselves in the best Halloween costume that’s leading to more and more people to drive through the best costume shop.

However, if you are the one who believes in doing some preparation before hitting any particular costume, here are some actually creative Halloween costume ideas for 2018 picked way back from the decades or more.

We are counting down some great Halloween costume ideas for you…

1. The Devil

If you want to dress up as a crazy insane soul in that special hunting night on Halloween 2018, the devil is the best choice for you. There are many different ways to interpret this relevant icon. You can do the old-fashioned rules with cartoonish red-horns, a pitchfork and a cap that you can find on the costume shop too. Or you can also create a terrifying prince of darkness.

2. Mummy

If you want something simple, less time consuming then mummy look is probably your safest drape. All you need to do is just roll a toilet paper and wipe it around your body.  By the way, the TP Mummy also makes a great option. If you have the time, you can go all out in the mum of occasion process. Apply some deadly makeup to your flash, drape yourself in rags & you are ready for the Halloween party.

3. Pirates Life

Pirate life is every boy’s dream because it comprises everything a boy can desire like a swashbuckling swordplay, a great sense of adventure and total disregard for hygiene. Not just the boys, but girls also have been known to put their own spin on the pirate look too, making this a gender-neutral costume idea.

4. A Zombie

Zombies are among the many staples that we’ve come to associate with the Halloween season. There are numerous variations you can do on the zombie costume, including ripped clothing, decrepit makeup and gore galore. Also, stick a fake knife in your head for good measure and you are ready to join the zombie apocalypse.

5. A Vampire

Vampires have always been nefarious monsters. Now with the fame of twilight, they’re widely seen as wimpy dreamboats. Dressing up as a vampire is guaranteed to be a gothic good time. All you need is a pair of fake fangs pale foundation makeup and a couple of bags of fake blood. Oh, and don’t forget to make a couple of bite marks on your neck.

6. Superheroes

Superheroes are all the rage right now, making them an especially popular costume concept on Halloween time. There are a variety of celebrated crime fighters to don the masks off from Batman to Spiderman & the flash. Superheroes and super-heroines also makes a great concept for group Halloween costumes. If you have seen the justice league, you would probably have the oodles of choices.

Enjoy! Have a great haunting Halloween night…

Published by Calida Jenkins


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