7 best tips before creating a website for your business

7 best tips before creating a website for your business

Feb 21, 2019, 4:08:15 AM Business

It goes without saying that having a web page is one of the most important elements of your presence on the internet. More and more people are searching for information on the internet before buying a product; if your company does not have a digital showcase or a web page, you will not be able to reach this large number of people.

For this reason and before this tornado of digital transformation where all companies consider change but do not know where to start, from Reddashmedia web design company in new jersey we want to contribute a series of tips and tricks before creating a website for your company.

Your website will be the epicenter of your online marketing strategy, and it depends on the image that your company has on the network. That is why it is normal that before creating your web page you are assaulted by a lot of doubts, which we hope will clear up with this article.

1. Who should I hire to make my website?

Maybe you think it’s a silly question, but it’s one of the most important points for a website to be useful and meet the company’s objectives. It is usually the case to delegate the creation of a web page in friends or family, being most of the time an error, since you are endangering the image and reputation of the company. The best way to prevent this error is to have professionals who know web design, SEO and marketing and thus can create a website that meets the goal of that company on the internet.

2. What name to choose for the domain?

This can be one of the questions that puts many heads and managers in doubt when choosing the domain name of their future website. The choice will depend on the situation and context of the company. If it is a company already established and what you want is to continue improving your branding, it is best to use the name of the company as a domain.

3. What extension to choose for the domain of the web?

You may not know why extensions “.us” or “.com” are used. But the truth is that these extensions help to focus our company to one territory or another. In the case of our web design company in new jersey, we choose the extension “.us” to position ourselves better in the US market. But if your goal goes beyond a country, we recommend using the extension “.com”.

4. Where to contract web hosting?

The hiring of the hosting is very important for the future maintenance of a web page, therefore we must have total security on where we are going to lodge the digital showcase of our company. It is very important that the hosting is or has servers in the country where we want to position our website.

5. Do I have to have a website or a blog?

This may be another question of many companies when opening their website. The truth is that Google promotes the positioning of websites that contain a blog. Let’s say that for this reason, it’s best to have a corporate website and have a tab with a blog where content related to the interests of potential customers is generated.

6. What to do once the website is already created?

Many companies have a website, but most make the mistake of creating it and leaving it abandoned, until 10 years from now they want to create a new one. The Ideal is to update the website frequently, adding news or useful information for users who will enter the website.

7. What colors to choose for the website?

When you browse the internet you can sometimes find horrible websites to watch, and this happens because the colors chosen are not appropriate. Although, it is hard to believe that, the choice of colors can be a point for or against for potential customers to buy a product. Therefore do not use many colors, and always rely on the recommendations of your web designer.

As you can see, having a web page is not insignificant, but the creation of it entails a great responsibility so that the objectives of a company are as expected.




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