When it comes to writing, most writers provide content that is interesting to read. Writers who provide content written in English should consider good grammar as a number one rule. Various factors should be put into consideration while writing, no matter whether you write an essay, informative essay outline, an article, a blog post, etc. These are: tense, grammar, diction, and linguistics. It is important to note that good grammar makes books and articles interesting to read.

While writing, there are basic rules of grammar that cannot be ignored. When these rules are ignored, they lead to major grammar mistakes. The following are most common grammar mistakes every writer should avoid:

1. “Their”, “There” and “They’re”

“Their”, “There” and “They’re” look and sound alike. “Their” is a possessive pronoun like “your”. For example, “This is their playground.” “They’re” appears when “They are” is contracted. For example, “They are (they’re) living in Florida.” “There” can be used to refer to a place. For example, “There is where the dog slept.” “There” can also be used as a pronoun. For example, “There is no need to go to the market.”

2. “You’re” and “Your”

“Your” and “You’re” is another common mistake most writers make. The contraction of “You are” leads to “You’re”. For example, “You are (you’re) the most preferred candidate.” “Your” is a possessive pronoun, and it signifies possession. For example, “Your pen is broken.”

3. “Than” and “Then”

“Than” is a conjunction, and it is used in the comparison of two things. For example, “Abigail is smarter than Josephine.” ”Then” is used to show something or a person being available at a certain point in time. For example, “You said Victor will be out of the office by 5pm. Will he be available to be picked up by then?” Then can also be used to show next. For example, “I will slaughter the chicken, and then heat the water.”

4. “Its” and “It’s”

“Its” is considered to be a possessive pronoun and “it’s” is normally considered to be contraction derived of “it is”. For example, “The cow kicked its calf.” This sentence shows how the possessive pronoun “its” is used. ”It’s” is a contraction of “it has” or “it is”. For example, “It is (it’s) going to rain” or “It has (it’s) been confirmed.”

5. Ending Sentences with Prepositions

Prepositions are words like by, up, around, down, is, and underneath. It is wrong to say, “My father gave us rules that we had to abide by.” This is not accepted in grammar. The sentence should be rephrased to “My father gave us rules, which we had to follow.”

6. Subject and Verb Agreement

The subject and verb should always agree. It is incorrect to write, “Joseph went to the market, and they bought apples.” It should be corrected to “Joseph went to the market, and he bought apples.”

7. Irregular Verbs

The list of irregular verbs is long. For example, broadcasted is an irregular verb, it should be changed to broadcast. It is incorrect to say, “Today at 5 am, the news was broadcasted.” The sentence should be corrected to “Today at 5 am, there was a news broadcast.” Other examples of irregular verbs are: hang, sneak, awake, bend, forget, and many more.

Conclusively, grammar mistakes made by writers can be avoided. For most writers it’s difficult to note their grammar mistakes; although, it is important to note all the minor and major grammar mistakes. This will help in providing well-written content that appeals to the readers.

Published by Kaushal Shah