Home is where your heart is!

You surely want the best for your heart, right? Keeping it luxurious and comfortable is the first thought that comes to mind when you think about your home.

But don’t just think, innovate now!

Install With Care

Technology and design are growing at a phenomenal rate, and the number of options for home installations is walking by its side. There are many products and designs that can be installed at your home to make it simply fabulous, such as:

  • State-of-the-art security system

Apart from installing an automated gate, what have you added to the security of your home? The gate can be integrated with a state-of-the-art security system with features like facial recognition, smart security cameras, live feed and monitoring, all-in-one control panel and others. Invest your hard-earned money in your house to make it safe and secure!

  • Creatively-designed gazebo

An outdoor living space to relax and spend your weekend with your family leisurely is an amazing home installation. A well-designed gazebo is all you want in the beautiful outdoor space that you have. Design the surroundings of the gazebo as well because it is an open structure, and to have a beautiful view while you all relax and enjoy the nature, you need to make the whole space beautiful too.

  • Indoor swimming pool jacuzzi

An indoor swimming pool at your place is a lavish desire, but turning it into a jacuzzi is just going beyond your imagination. Now imagine if your kitchen door opens to a heavenly experience. Yes, you heard it right! A beautifully carved wooden deck, a glass railing created by RS Engineering, all around a jacuzzi swimming pool! A door to a relaxing experience every evening, it seems!

  • The room with all the arts and stuffed animals

Are you an animal lover? Do you like to stuff them when they die? Taxidermy is the practice of preserving dead animals by stuffing them for decorative purposes. It is not a cruel practice if you prefer stuffed animals which have died due to natural causes. It is a widely followed practice around the world, and these show-pieces are used to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the place. But, if you don’t want to involve yourself in such practices, you can invest your money into buying a series of paintings and sketches for your place. There are many great artists around the world, and if you are an art lover, you can install these on the empty walls and add value to your place.


  • A rustic wine cellar

Who doesn’t like a collection of excellent wines at their place? You may wonder where you can store your wines? Why don’t you construct a wine cellar in your basement? A cellar with a rustic look, and dim lighting can enhance the beauty of your wines and make it look more appealing to taste. Segregate them as per their quality, and organise them to easily choose whenever guests are at home, or if you want to fall in love with your red beauty all alone!

  • The Playroom

Do you have a man cave or a playroom at your place yet? Why not? Be creative and fun at least. You can invest your hard-earned money into buying a foosball table, pool table, Playstation and other exciting items to transform one room of your place into a playroom. You can also install swords, shields and other manly items to enhance the look of your man cave, and impress all the ladies around you.

  • Remote Panel, which controls it all

The tech space is evolving and so should the features of your place. Make everything automated; from electric fireplace and gadgets to projectors and kitchen appliances. Lighting and sound systems should be your first concern, and just go wild with it. Imagine, your friends coming over and you blow their minds with your latest installation. You can throw a party or invite them to dinner, and control the ambience with the portable panel; making it a flawless experience for them.

  • Hidden compartments

The design is the major factor which defines the beauty of a place, so make sure you invest appropriate time and money into it. There are many things which you would like to keep hidden from the rest of the world, so ask your architect to create compartments or spaces where you can store such things. It’s all about creativity, and he is the guy who can make it happen. Imagine, secret compartments all over your house to hide jewellery, chocolates, cookies, dirty clothes, toys and what not! The size of the space depends on your wish. So wish intelligently!

  • Ride to the Basement

Do you have any ideas for your den? The ultimate free space in your house? Build a garage, a workshop or a turn it into a playroom (mentioned above). An automated garage for your luxurious cars or a workshop for your favourite activities will be the best fit for that space. You don’t have to spend a fortune on that transformation, simple efforts and creativity will just do justice to it.

If you have the money, the creativity and the desire to transform your home into something incredible, then these ideas will help you create your palace! Also, you may take a couple of DIY maintenance tasks to keep it in top condition.

Published by Sarah Williams