h                              w                          b

                                e                       a                           e

                                        a                     r                           s

                                 t                    m                        t

                       Open your heart—wider! Pour some love.                                     

                    Pour-- some care. Mix some-- sweet  feelings.                                  

               Add- creamy--- emotions.---- Some ---warm-er hugs.                         too

         Few pieces of smile,--soaked in- obsession-and -dissolve!              Is              hot

     Ignite- the souls-and embrace—feel the each bit---of the- desires . It                  and

          Let it be warm and boil ---for moments---days----months                 sweet

             Years---and life-long----even after the life---eternity!                                   

                          the slices of time ----makes it bitter—                                       

                               serve it daily------A cup of love!













Published by Isolated_ girl