A Little Work-Trip to Copenhagen

I have been so lucky to go to Copenhagen because of my job and I had so much fun!
We had something called a kick-off where we try out new things from a brand we will promote, get to know new people, learn new things and of course, not to forget, have a lot of fun!

I was in Copenhagen from tuesday until thursday and it wa smy first kick-off and even though it was hard and long days, it really was amazing and fun to try.
Copenhagen is an amazing city and I would have loved to see it more than I did these days. I was very busy and did not get any freetime to go see the city and the things it has to offer. But I have decided that I really wanna go there again soon. Like on a mini vacation or a weekend.

And I tried to travel by train by myself for the first time. I know that is so stupid that I never did that before. I have tried to travel by train before but never by myself, but I discovered that I actually enjoy it a lot! So of course I had to take my phon out and take a little sneaky picture of the trip.

Published by Elma Omukic


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