I'm swimming in the skies
Skies burning all around
My world was on fire
The fire scalding me from the insides

I look around only to find people and their own worlds
Their worlds where the skies weren't burning,
I reach out my hand towards them,
But, my hands pass through them

My world is burning and I am alone
Is it me or is it everything else which is fake
So, I search around for my one and only companion
My only companion, my shadow isn't by my side

My world is burning,
I must be having nightmares
Nightmares which aren't half horrific as the reality
The reality I have to wake up to

My world is burning, but it's morning now
Morning where the nightmare ends and reality dawns
By dawn I wake up
My shadow hasn't returned

My world is burning, I now realise
I realise there is so much light and yet there's no shadow
The shadow which left me, the evil shadow shall not come back
For this burning fire has cleansed my sins away

I smile to myself, my world is no longer burning
With my evil shadow gone, I have no one to hold me back
I embrace myself for, there are no more restraints
A world with no holding back

My shadow was where all my sins and fears housed themselves
My nightmare was my past
The fire is my present cleansing all my sins and burning my fears
And a new world shall present itself in the morning

The morning comes and I know
I know I shall not hold back my fire
I shall live where my shadow can't come back
For all I know, I've cleansed myself, and I shall win, win,


​This is my first post! Excited? Yes I am! This happens to be my favourite poem which I've written!
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Published by Kushal Gorti