We are living in a culture of acceptable hatred and bigotry.

A friend told me about her personal experience in a nice neighborhood. It involved someone with a handicapped placard and they were wrestling their wheelchair out. A truck pulled up and some random man decided to harass this gentleman. He said, something to the extent of, "You're useless, can't even walk on your legs. Trump is going to send you to the camps along with the blacks and every other useless person!"

I am aghast at this. I've been the victim of bullying my entire life. As an adult, I thought it would get better. But a mental health diagnosis made me realize, even with my own family and friends, I might as well be wearing a scarlet letter. People are filled with hatred, ignorance, and lack empathy on a whole.

There is a big difference between "I hate broccoli" and "I hate blacks/Hispanics, disabled people, fat people, ugly people, etc."

The key is not for everyone to agree on everything. I am not looking for Utopia. Part of America's beauty is that we are allowed our freedom to our own opinions and I would fight to the death for everyone to have that right.

But when only hatred is spewed, especially on unsuspecting people minding their own business...I have a problem with that. And I have a huge problem with our current culture of accepting this hatred and bigotry. When did  we become a nation of ignorance and "sheeple" thinking? Just because the president- elect was overheard years ago or even recently disparaging a group of people or a person in particular does not mean everyone must jump on the bandwagon. It is not okay. It is not cool. Maybe you don't like a particular group. That is your right. It is not your right to harass people.

We, as a nation, need to join hands, metaphorically, and stand up to this newfound nationwide culture of cruelty and judgment and "acceptable" hatred. We need to stand together against the hate mongers. We need to drive home the message of "it's okay to be different, it's okay to not like things that are different but acceptance is our only hope of not turning into savages."

Acceptance is not as difficult as some think. It's merely letting go of the urge to single out those who are different. Let it go, people. Maybe we won't be singing in perfect harmony like the old Coca-Cola commercials. But we can let each other be. We can stand strong and proud in being united against hatred and bigotry.

This country was built on the notion of people coming together with all our differences and living along side each other in peace. Let us not disappoint the founding fathers who believed we are capable of this. If we fail, we are not entitled to call ourselves civilized humans.

Accept. Don't let hatred consume you. Be better than that. That is my message here.

Positive input is welcome on this topic.

Published by Nicole Noir