Are You in the Right Business for You?

Are You in the Right Business for You

Do you like entering your business every morning and spending some time with your clients?

This may seem a strange question to ask. Once you learn your lifetime purpose, you will see the clear answer comes easily. Your business will become your drug initially and maybe continue to be for a extended time. So, we conscious of the sacrifices that you may have to make in being a company owner.

I often wonder if solo or micro business people really know if they are in the right business or not. I actually do genuinely believe that knowing your WHY (your purpose) you will know if you should be in the right place for you and your growth. Being in business is not a thing that you can certainly do half-heartedly. It must be something that you want so badly you will do whatever to make it work.

All too often I meet with people and clients who really have not seriously considered their WHY or the Vision and Mission of these business. To obtain real clarity you need to firstly know your'why'for your lifetime and only then can you truly bear in mind if the vision is correct for you personally and your future.

To be in business all on your own you must be an entrepreneur who has a desire to produce something extraordinary. You have to anticipate to go to whatever lengths to ensure it happens, understanding that initially there might be no money, long hours and ups and downs. It takes COURAGE to be is likely to business, especially in the first days.

Firstly, ask yourself why you're in business? What is your reason? It is basically because you like what it's or are you currently there purely to generate income?

Choosing the correct business is important. We're all different so there's no one size fits all. Consider what type of business attracts you? If you understand who you're and where your innate gifts are you currently will see it easy to learn the kind of business that suits you best.

Are you a people person or an individual who loves to be behind closed doors? When you understand why part of your personality and what it's that you like to complete, then, and only then, can you know who you need to place around you to support you to grow your vision.

Knowing a you need to be part of is essential as well as understanding the target/ customer market that suits your service or product. The demographics are very important too, like gender, age, background, knowledge etc. Having a concept of what you need in how of size and of staffing or if you wish to take action alone must be viewed too.

Is your business to become a quick get in and move out form of business or a spare time activity type business? Are you aware how much you wish to earn? Maybe you have considered an Exit plan for future years also? All important questions initially.

It is also recommended to find out what your customers/clients want that they are not getting elsewhere. Exactly what do you create which will fill the necessity? How could you solve their problems? What is their greatest criticism of where in actuality the marketplace is letting them down or not meeting the demand?

Has your business come from a spare time activity or personal interest that has heart and mind in it? Or, can it be everything you have been trained to complete and can't consider whatever else that would suit you? Do you like everything you are doing now and can it be what gets you out of bed in the morning?

Is your business home-based or needing to have it's own premises since it grows? What are you currently looking to produce size-wise as time goes by? Are you considering an international, national or city business?

Is your business something or product orientated business? This will really make a difference into outlay too. A service business may be run as a home-based business without costly inventor, theft problems, product spoilage or premises.

The opportunities the internet gives us today to search, profile and gather information which will support one to produce a good business is outstanding. There's so much support and knowledge that has no cost to it to sort out how and what you need your business to check like. So do your research and be discerning in what you find out and learn. Find those who you are able to trust to talk about your ideas with who can help support you and your business to move forward.


Published by Whitney Morgan


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