Can you think of an app that summarizes the whole piece of stuff in just five to six sentences? Can you think of an app that does not let you face the hardships of the newspaper? Awesummly is the app that updates you with the latest happenings across the globe with the focus on the main points without going through the nasty and the exaggerating facts and figures. So, here in this article, we will look at the complete journey of this app and the hardships faced by it in its entire journey.

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So, let’s move on.


All of us have a clear dream of earning a handsome amount of money and then chilling out the days with our family. But rarely thinks different from the flock of sheep. Their unique ideas and thoughts let them explore the world and grab the maximum of the opportunities from it. That single man who has enough courage to face the hurdles and obstacles in its way is penned to touch the heights of success and glory. I am none other talking about Nitin Mishra, the mastermind beside the development of this unique and the amazing app. After completing his M. Tech in Computer Science, a simple and enjoyable life was waiting for him to spend with his family.

But he refused that path and the chose the one which meant everything to him. Nitin was always fascinated by the thoughts and the ideas of the entrepreneurs and therefore he also decided to do something different in his life. He roams here and there with his idea but no one was comfortable to implement this particular sort of idea. Tired and throttled he used to return to his home but he never gave up his hope and always believe in himself that a time will come when he will be on the top of the sky. One night a power shut down in Gurgaon turned out to be a historic night when he met Deepak on his way.

Together they discussed their journey, their achievements and the things they have planned to achieve in the future. Their words were quite similar and they share a common idea of doing something different in life. Both of them decided that together they will turn this world around and one day their work will create the revolution in the world of technology. But the way was not simpler. Deepak parents refused their son for being a part of the startup and want him to do the job in the private organization.

Deepak took a turn and Nitin also moved to Neuron as its CTO where he used to employ the young aspirants filled with the dedication and determination to do anything in life. In his way of employing these aspirants, he met Ankit, a hardcore coder and the three again reunited to resume their left project. But the main problem was regarding their initiation of the startup. What plans must they implement on their startup? What must they wanna do? But destiny had planned everything for them and after some thinking, they decided to develop an app that summarizes the whole of the happenings across the world in just five to six sentences.

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Awesummly has got everything you might only have thought of. It’s awesome and the classy features forced you to stick to this app. Nitin always says “The main logic behind focussing on the summary is to develop the keen interest in the mind of the people regarding the whole content”.

The summary gives a full idea regarding the content and even if you missed out the lengthy contents, it does not harm you. The app offers a number exciting features to its users. While the majority of the news apps allow the reader to read the news under secure Internet connection, Awesummly allows its users to read the content in offline mode.

If something interesting and informative you find in the content, Awesummly also allows you to share it with your friends and relatives. Apart from online sharing or offline reading, it also makes news available in an audible manner.

Published by Asheer Raza