The refusal of the "criminal justice" system to hold any of the officers who murdered Freddie Gray last year to account has resulted in one of the most horrific tragedies imaginable, the slaughter of a young mother and the critical wounding of her five year old son by the guns of police officers in Baltimore city. In the wake of the Department of Justice's findings that Baltimore police regularly violate "rights guaranteed by the constitution", Baltimore police broke into the home of 23 year old Korryn Gaines last Monday in a SWAT team-style raid over Gaines' failure to appear in court for a traffic ticket! As Gaines was live-streaming at first on Instagram and then Facebook, she heard the voices of unknown people outside her apartment room and asked her five year old son who was outside. "The police," the five year old answered. "They're trying to shoot us."

​   As can only be the natural reaction of a mother who is being shot at by police with her child in the room, Gaines decided to pick up a shotgun and vowed to defend the lives of herself and her child. During the intense back-and-forth between Gaines and the SWAT Team, Baltimore police contacted both Facebook and Instagram and requested they shut down Gaines' social media activity during this time so that what happened next would remain forever hidden from the world. To the everlasting shame of both Facebook and Instagram, they complied with the Baltimore police's request. What is known for certain is that by the end of the six-hour standoff, Korryn Gaines had been shot to death by the police. As for her five year old son Kori, who at one point had tried to hide in the closet before moving to be next to his mom, the cops shot him in his left cheek and he was reportedly wounded elsewhere on his upper body.

   According to recent video testimony given by the badly wounded boy,

“They saw me running and then they hurt my arm,” he says, wincing and grasping his arm.

“So they shot you on purpose?” a woman asks.

“Yes,” he answers.

“So when they saw you running, they shot at you?” the woman asks again.

“Yes,” the boy repeats.

   Long before this tragedy had even occured, Gaines and all of her siblings had suffered from the the lead poisining so prevelant in Baltimore's inadequate public housing. So even before Korryn and Kori had been shot, it was apparent that their lives had been deemed meaningless in the eyes of government authorities.



Korryn Gaines who was murdered by Baltimore police for not showing up in court for a traffic ticket. The five year old kissing her on the cheek is her son Kori, who was also shot by Baltimore police but managed to survive.

Published by Caleb Gee