Dear girls, take time to establish a relationship with your cosmetics and It will create miracles for you.Beautiful skin require commitment. It is just like any jewellery (just to your face!).I have always fancied these miraculous products. Pretty packaging, popping colors, lovely smell and feeling of owing a luxury brand would simply make me high(always and every time!).

So, here I am sharing my years of romance with cosmetics which are unquestionably a woman’s best friends (especially those with no time for going to parlors and all those organic treatments). Buying a beauty product is just like buying shares, It may make you rich and happy in a single stroke and totally miserable at another. So, hopefully this will help.

1) CLEANSER ( “beautiful skin begins with right cleaning”)

Any skin ritual starts with cleansing! So, if your skin is not clean and you’r thinking of dabbing a moisturizer or applying a foundation that is complete no-no. And yes, you do clean your face at least twice a day (especially before going to bed). It’s your basic key to a flawless skin. Now I’d recommend a good cleansing milk for dry skin people and a good oil controlling foaming face wash for oily skin. for combination and sensitive skin go for smell free,foam free and extremely light cleansing milk.

Try Fab India  for dry skin, Clean and clear for oily skin and Cetaphil is best for sensitive skin in budget range. Those who don’t mind spending generously on beauty products can try Chanel gel purete and forest essential delicate cleansers. Lush ‘angel on the bare skin’ is divine.

2)MOISTURIZER ( “I’ve discovered that moisturizers can heal in unimaginable ways”)

It’s like food to the skin.Please make it a habit to apply it twice daily but again always! Choose right kind of moisturizer for your skin. Also, a tinted ( yes the one with little foundation and sunscreen in it) moisturizer is a must have in any ‘Chic’ girl’s handbag. Sometimes if you feel like giving your face a treat go for a good facial mask regiment and then moisturize it generously.

Cetaphil, Sebamed and Fab India are amazing moisturizers in economic ranges and Instead of using mass popular Lakme, Ponds or nivea cold creams try suing it in the almost same price range. I use L’occitane Angelica hydra vital cream during summers and L’occitane shea butter ultra rich face cream during winters to have some serious hydration to my skin (though it’s pretty heavy on pocket but totally worth it)



3) TONER(” toners are just like that secret compartment in your hand-bag”)

Well, cleansing, toning and moisturizing is like daily facial ritual to any one. But I am not very fond of toning as I have dry skin so mostly splash of water after cleansing also does the work but it is a must for oily skin as it helps in minimizing the pores. and I don’t prefer spending much on toner too. So,there is no luxury just my all time favorite Fab India toner which works great on any skin type and easy on pocket too.But yes those with acne prone skin must try  Body Shop tree tea toner, It really works wonders.


4) SHAMPOO (” happiness is… free basket of shampoos & conditioners”)

Now shampooing comes very natural to any girl.Though it’s always wise to know what suits and what not. Like conditioning is a complete no for silky hairs as it makes it more limp. Off course you don’t do conditioning on oily hairs too. So we have Hair masques to solve our problems as per the hair types. Then hair spa is also available in the market for once in while indulgence.

L’oreal Professional is uncontested king in the world of shampoos, masques and spa. Tresemme is also a very nice shampooing range. I’d suggest anyone using Tresemme and L’oreal shampoos than Pantene, Sunsilk or Dove like popular brands. And yes those who truly don’t mind spending on hairs Try L’occitane and Lush shampoo ranges. They are out of this world.

5) SHOWER GEL( ” Let that shower take away all your bad thoughts..breathe”)

Well, I’d prefer shower gels over soaps anyday as they are milder. Bathing with a shower gel is an indulgence and bathing with a soap is like … ummm just bathing! Shower gels and body butters are body shops cult product.( But never go for Body Shop shower creams!) Marks and Spencer’s shower creams are good.( Well you use shower creams in winters or for very dry skin instead of shower gels) Apart from that, Nike fruit burst is amazing( and it can be used as shampoo too)and In my opinion You better use soaps than other popular brands like Fa, Palmolive or Fiama shower gels(oops!).



6) SUNSCREEN (“Yes, I am religious… I religiously use my sunscreen!”)

It’s like Jesus to your skin. Never ever, I repeat never ever step outside (with sun or without sun in the sky) without it! Lotus herbals provide very good sunscreens in economic ranges. Neutrogena dry touch sunblock is amazing as it offers SPF 50+ protection. Sebamed is very good too. I am very particular about sunscreens and I don’t mind spending on something that stays with the skin So I use Clinique tinted sunscreen and it is amazing.

tip: Before buying any sunscreen check it’s SPF. More the Spf means more protection. Like Spf 50 is better than spf 30.

7)  FOUNDATION(” Foundation is like spanx for the face”)

Now these are my all time favorites! For all those girls who don’t use foundations are committing a big mistake as nothing can compensate that flawless and regal look you get after applying it correctly( I emphasize correctly!).

M.A.C is the undisputed king of foundations and I’d suggest that you rather go for M.A.C (easily available online, if not available in your city) than using Lakme absolute, Maybelline or Revlon foundation. There’s not much difference of price between them so why not go for the brand! And yes if you are really obsessed about that porcelain texture try Lancome or Chanel foundations. They are fab! But still you find foundations very heavy on your skin go for BB or CC creams.

8) LIPSTICK(” give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world”)

Having a dull day? No time to do anything just dab little lipstick on your cheeks and lips and you are shining again! Yes, it’s a little trick I use often. Knowing which lipstick suits you and which does not is very important as it proves to be focal point of your face. Elizabeth Arden has amazing lipstick range. M.A.C is another popular name in lipstick world. And out of my quest with international brands like Lancome, Marc Jacob,NARS, YSL, Hour glass. I found Marc Jacob is the best and don’t go for Lancome in lipsticks. I’d suggest to opt for color bar than Revlon and Lakme lipsticks. Maybelline is good too.

tip: peach, pink, corals are the shades for fair people(never ever go for darker shades) and darker shades like brown, ruby red and wine colours are just right for darker skin tones. Matts are for the nights and gloss is for the day.Never ever go for neon ( be in season or not) until it doesn’t look good on you

9) KAJAL(“Applying kajal is just like applying that little mystery to your eyes”)

Well that one true stroke makes your eyes sparkle and provides a very glamorous look. It’s as much the part of our lives that it just feels  incomplete without it.Well L’oreal  magique, Colorbar, faces and Maybelline Colossal are nice and If you really want to pamper your eyes go for M.A.C, bobby brown or Inglot. You also get good mascaras in the same brands.



10) PERFUME (“A woman who wears no perfume has no future”)

I am simple fascinated by these lovely scents since my childhood and there’s a quote that a woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. I simply feel naked without it. A perfume is always expensive, it’s a treasure! So girls Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, CK Euphoria, Dolce& Gabbana are all wonderful but if you have to owe that one perfume only it has to be ‘CHANEL’. Chanel no 5 is iconic. Though Chance and Coco Mademoiselle tops the charts world wide.

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So it sums up the soldiers in my kitty and friends for life! All the girls who think only God takes care of the skin and only genes are responsible for that glow are highly mistaken. Know your skin type, buy the right product, apply it correctly and tadaaa! see the difference. All the best girls!  Go Indulge.


Published by Swapnil Pandey