Best 10 Top Stories Websites to Stay Tuned in 2018


Best 10 Top Stories Websites to Stay Tuned in 2018

Dec 5, 2017, 6:26:46 PM Business

Creating viral content is important for any website that wants to stay relevant, follow trends, and get more and more viewers. Viral websites have been on top of their popularity for quite some time, and the fact doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

Viral content means that the textual or visual piece of information, be it infographics, videos, or articles, spreads through the Internet at the speed of light. The hot news that circulates various social platforms is a bright example of viral content. Any type of viral media is a great way to bring traffic to your website.

Most often, viral content follows the traditional journalistic methods but is delivered creatively. It may be the shape of the article, the inclusion of trending features, or some unique details. Very often, websites use the same patterns and copy the information, so that fresh news is reused again and again and the quality of content often decreases.

There are a few websites that provide unique content that often goes viral. So, if you would like to know a few places for quality content that hasn’t been copied from other sources, here is the list of them.

1. Though this website is relatively new in comparison with the other trending websites on our list, it generates viral content perfectly. This is a rapidly evolving platform that combines entertaining and meaningful content. Here, hot news goes hand in hand with useful tips and lifehacks. Basically, all the trending and viral content is gathered right here. The website is created to suit various audiences and age groups. Anyone can find what they like here.

Nexter is a leading website to deliver latest hot stories, include hilarious articles, and, generally, entertain people all around the world. It dwells on many topics for any taste including movies, lifehacks, books, beauty and fashion, cool technologies, trending information for gamers, traveling ideas, and various lifestyle advice.

Nexter isn’t political at all, it is meant for your leisure time and not for debates. Of course, here you can find some political news that are very accessible and meant for your awareness.

Nexter is a territory for relaxation and fun. It helps you forget all your worries while diving into this sea of information. Find any content imaginable in one place.

2. BuzzFeed: This is another popular platform that delivers viral stories and creates diverse content. It mainly focuses on a few trending topics but also has some exclusive ideas that have long become their signature content. It also has a YouTube channel with some interesting videos for people who prefer this platform. Buzzfeed’s content is meant for various audiences and is highly accessible. Hot topics: videos, quizzes, news.

3. BoredPanda:  BoredPanda is one of those viral content sites whose name is the most remembered. Besides, this platform is unique and differs from the others on the list. Here, you can create your own viral content and share it with people. It is focused on personal stories with a touch of fun and weirdness. Hot topics: art, photography.

4. TwistedSifter: It is also relatively young but is growing very fast. The fine balance between entertaining and educating content makes it go viral. The most interesting sections are Picture of the Day and the weekly Friday top stories. Other hot topics: art, travel, animals.

5. PlayBuzz: This platform is one of the largest viral websites on the list. It includes about 150 employees from 55 countries. Their content is very engaging and can capture the interest of many groups. The most interesting part about the website is the untraditional form of its stories that includes clipcards, polls, video snaps, etc. Hot topics: articles, quizzes.

6. PolicyMic: It delivers stories in unique forms that reject the traditional journalism methods. This small detail is what brings more and more people to the website. It posts news from the whole world. So, if you want to read top stories of 2017 from various countries, welcome aboard. Hot topics: food, travel, celebrities.

7. ViralNova: Similar to BoredPanda, this platform also offers its users an opportunity to post their own stories and find people with similar experiences. Many stories are so relatable that they go viral on many other platforms as well. Hot topics: life, culture, videos.

8. WittyFeed: This is full of entertaining stories and hot news that can be shared by the users. Here, you have an opportunity to reach and influence people all over the world with something dear to you. Life stories often go viral. Hop topics: science, travel, life, animals.

9. TheDailyDot:  This young platform’s focus is aimed specifically at the Internet culture and virtual life. What can go more viral digitally than a story about virtual reality? This website is changing the standards of a hot story and how it is shaped. Hot topics: gadgets, software.

10. LittleThings:  This is a viral platform aimed mostly at women age 18-55. The objective of their posts is to engage people on social websites. Considering its targeting, its main topics focus on women’s interests and needs: food, parenting, DIY, pets.

Viral websites are constantly changing the models of journalism to engage more and more viewers and create that content that will be most suitable for the web. Content writers always look for new ways to shape and deliver information to the audience in the most accessible way.

Today, concise and catching content is valued the most. The texts have to be visually appealing and tell a meaningful story that will evoke emotions. All viral websites try to create meaningful content and deliver it in an interesting form. People don’t have time to read dozens of boring pages when they can watch a two-minute video that highlights the main points. If you want to pick up trending content, browse through one of those websites.

Viral content is all about being useful, practical, and exciting. Let us know what websites you look through on a daily basis and find the most engaging.

Published by Arina Smith

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