Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

We all humans are born with the Flat feet. After start walking our feet start taking shape according to our physical activity. Feet start arches it does not mean that it last in the same shape forever.

Arches may get dipper or flatten as the age progresses. Everybody doesn’t want their feet to fallen because they need the same arches when they get old.

Athletes who have a lot of running in their career mostly they have deep arches the more deep arches more it keeps you relax while you are running. That is the reason any kind of kind of shoes they require but for flat feet, the main question is which are the Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet?

Runners with the flat feet they always want to invest in shoes, so that can prevent injuries and can give them the much-needed comfort. By using high-quality shoes it can reduce the risk of injuries to half but still invert arches runner has more comfort.

Types of the Foot arch

First, we have to understand the arch. There is a simple technique to know which kind of feet you have.  You can wet your feet and then can directly put it on the brown paper. With the footprint on the brown paper, you will know what arches you have.

Most runners recommend putting your feet into the shallow pan water. But you can also use a slightly filled bathtub. The main thing you need to make sure while you are doing it is your feet must need to get wet properly so you can gauge the arch properly.

Details about Arch

Many store owners stop the test once they find out about the arch. Generally, for the deep archers, they need motion control shoes and for the flat-footed, they need supportive shoes.

The deep curvy arches runners do not have much motion but flat-footed have the motion which they have to control.

Runners with medium arch have the normal gait.

Runners with the high arches they need the extra cushion to compete with the ground force. Let me tell you every person is different and everyone has a different choice.

Types of shoes or running shoes


This is the natural shoes that you have they do not have any extra support or extra comfort. It totally depends on the brand that you are using. It’s not necessary that it design only for running.

Support or Extra comfort

Support running shoes are harder than natural running shoes. these shoes are best for those who have deep arches.

Comfortable running shoes made from a medial post. It made from dense foam and stretch from middle of the arch to the end of the heel.

It is always advisable to not use much curvy invert shoes of already curvy feet. If you have flat feet, then you can go for it it will allow you to hold the good ground.


These kind of shoes are quite similar to the supportive shoes. They have the medial post and it will prevent the foot to fall inwards. The difference is this kind of shoes has less support and short medial post in this kind of shoes.

If you are flat footed and looking for decent shoes then this is OK but it is not exactly perfect.

Motion Control

These shoes are heavy in weight and it will not allow any inwards or outwards movement.  These shoes have so much of medial post so flat-footed have enough support while running or walking.

These shoes are so heavy and hard until you need a lot of support or stability do not use it.


This is not the category let me clarify that thing, but it is worth it to mention about barefoot here. These shoes have very minimum support and structure. They only provide for mirror running only.

After reading this I am sure that you will understand the choice of shoes according to your feet. If you are a runner and you are looking the best shoes and unfortunately you have a flat foot this article and above mention points surely help you to find the best in the lot.

Published by Taslima Akter


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