Best Time to Post On Instagram in 2019 - Getting Maximum Reach for Your Posts

What is Best Time to Post On Instagram? If you have a personal profile and don’t really care much about how many likes your posts get, then any time would be fine. But when you have a business profile and use your Instagram account for advertisement, you have to know some basics to get maximum reach for your posts. Posting on the right time is also one of them and can have a significant effect on the actual reach of any accounts posts.

Instagram is a social media platform that is available mainly for mobile devices. On PCs and laptops, users can also view their Instagram feed but activity will be limited and the interface will not be as good as it is designed specifically for mobile devices. Usage patterns for your target audiences and also post display cycles from Instagram will affect the number of times your posts get displayed on target user’s feeds.

Here are some factors analyzed looking into the Best Time to Post on Instagram for Likes and boosting outreach for posts:

How Instagram Displays Posts?

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that Instagram has certain algorithms that enable them to process and display posts from every account. Your posts will only be displayed on user’s walls that are following you or in the search section next to the home feed section. Best Time to Post On Instagram App is just before you want your posts displayed on your follower’s feeds.

Like many other social media platforms, Instagram also prioritizes recent posts by accounts and displays them in their order on user’s feeds. This means that if you have shared a post at 9 am on any day, your followers are likely to see that post around the same time. If your users are following a high number of pages, usually posts from 1-2 hours will appear first on their feeds.

This means that The Best Time to Post On Instagram is actually when you want your posts to be displayed. If you have a user base that is likely to go through their feeds during early office hours, you are better off posting nice and early as well. When you have an account that has products or services usually appealing to people who open their feeds quite late, posting during the afternoon time would suit best. Some generally accepted windows for posting on Instagram to boost outreach and get maximum likes on your posts are:

  • Early in the day from 8 – 10 am
  • In the afternoon from 1 – 3 pm
  • Late evening from 6 – 8 pm

With these three windows, your posts should be able to reach maximum user’s feeds. You should be able to maximize outreach and get most likes on your posts.

How Does User Preferences Affect?

Now that you know how Instagram might calculate and display your posts, it is also important to consider some user preferences. There are many different types of users on this social media platform. In fact, it has grown so much that you get every single user group on it. Best Time to Post On Instagram Calculator largely also depends on your target audience’s behaviors and usage patterns.

Here, you will need to consider your Instagram account’s niche more than anything else. If you have a visa agency services account, you are most likely to get a follower base that will use their app during the office hours. Availing the 8 – 10 am window would be most beneficial for this. If you have a sports and entertainment business and display your products on your Instagram feed, posting on the late evening 6 – 8 pm window would suit best.

You will need to analyze your target audience’s usage patterns and post accordingly. More your posts show up on your follower’s feeds, more chances they will have to get like making your followers aware of your products or services.

Best Post-Times Change with Days of the Week As Well

Another important factor to consider is the day of the week. For weekdays, most people are likely to attend their offices, colleges or schools. Target users are likely to wake up nice and early on weekdays browsing through their Instagram feeds at early hours as well. They would be most likely to use their afternoon break times for Instagram surfing as well.

Naturally, Best Time to Post On Instagram On Saturday would be later hours than what you would during weekdays. Moving that early window down to around 10 – 12 for a Saturday can yield best results. And for the Sunday, you are better off for the afternoon window only or even not posting at all. User patterns would have a big role to play in your post sharing activities, make sure to consider them correctly.

Maximum Followers Will Be Crucial

No matter how good of a post time you choose for your Instagram posts, they will only be worth it when you have the right number of followers. You should first make your Instagram page followed enough and then post your business products or services on it once it has a substantial number of followers. This would increase your chances of having posts appear on your user’s feeds. To get more revelation for your brand buy Instagram followers. There are a lot of gains that followers can take to your Instagram profile like visibility, reputation and acknowledgment. More users see your posts, more likes you would get on them making your products or services more famous through the platform.


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