Bittersweet Reunions

There's something bittersweet about reunions.

The sweet part is when you see your classmates, or colleagues, or acquaintances and get carried in the long walk down the memory lane. It's also nice to remember all the fun and ridiculous situations that we have been through. There's so much joy and happiness around this events and everyone is smiling their way through the crowded room. Honestly, I find beauty in seeing people reunite, and catch up for years of being out of each others lives and suddenly being able to come back in and see the person from a different point of you. You get to observe how people have change or not, evolved or not, achieved, or not and you get to look at yourself differently. It has been proven by Harvard Business Review that self reflections mainly happen after the reunions, this is also the time when search for jobs increases and numerous people make a change in their life after reunions. Interesting, don't you think?

So if there's so much fun happening around, why would this be bitter?!

Most of the smiles you see are merely just masks to cover up the problems at home, conflicts at work, low incomes and many more issues. Have you ever been to a reunion where people were bragging about their salary and a joyful life they lead? Next time think about it, it is probably these people that are bragging that require the change most and are too afraid to admit. What about those in the corner, hiding from the attention? Are they they the ones who have it all figured out? Most likely, they are at the event to seek reconnection with their past because they need to feel some sort of sense of belonging to the world, community or group. People often pretend to be better than what they really are to keep the face in front of their fellow friends, colleagues, co-workers.

These are the two key ingredients that make such events bittersweet. As much as everyone loves seeing each other again, there's always the unspoken tension in the room. Interesting, isn't it how this life works out? Those who we thought would succeed are often left with nothing and the other way round. Personal achievements are as important at these events as professional ones. Are you married? Do you have kids? Why? Why not? The endless list of questions spring on you by the curious and yet sincere people trying to find at least one point in common with you.

Reunions. Always something bittersweet around them.

Published by Karina Saakyan


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