The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life. –William Morris

Your life, your vehicle. You are the owner. And we all know YOU, as a human being, began at conception. Your life is the vehicle which transports you from your point of conception to either your mournful or welcomed transitioning. So my friends it is all up to each of us to make the best of the respective vehicles we have chosen for ourselves—and diligently maintain, repair, and upgrade our lives as suchon a routine basis.

All vehicles require routine maintenance; cars, for example, require oil changes, tire rotations, wiper replacements and so on. The latter is no different from your life needing assorted mental, spiritual and physical tune-ups. That means out with the old waste and in with the new and good knowledge, thoughts, enlightenments, nourishment, energies and so on, so forth.


Nevertheless, because your life will be a bishh every now and then, your vehicle may take a major hit or give one, causing much physical and mental damage. It could break down unexpectedly, or your battery might die and you may find yourself in need of a spiritual jump. In real life these misfortunes look like your empty bank account, being behind on mortgage or rent, a lost job, a loss of motivation or purpose, a horrifying breakup, a love-trampling divorce, the death of a beloved . . . this list could go on and on. These things hit us hard—often knocking us off balance, and breaking our spirits.

However, if I desire to successfully own a fulfilling life and reach my greatest potential while here on Earth I cannot leave my vehicle in-need-of-repair, or stranded in a dark place. And! you definitely do not want to transfer your title to another owner, giving someone else control over your soul’s final destination. Thus, we must love ourselves enough to prepare ourselves daily—and always be well equipped physically, mentally and spiritually when breakdowns happen and parts begin to malfunction.

You're enough for the world. Anyone telling you otherwise is simply fearful that they will never live up to their own full potential. Be steadfast, be your own bridge over troubled water, and when it comes time to reveal the peak of your greatness, showand the world shall tell. . .​ ♥Jahla, Yours Truly [Instagram: @_leideEnglish]

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#Teaspiration Thursday 06-30-2016


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