According to reports published by the U.S. Council on Contemporary Families, the number of stepdads is five times more when compared to the number of stepmoms. How is it possible to have more stepdads than stepmoms? This can be attributed to the fact that the census figures used in this report only recognizes a stepmom who lives in the same house with her stepchildren. 

This means that a stepmom who becomes a partner to the biological father who only has a specific time when he can visit his children is not taken into consideration. In recent times, there have also been lots of stepparents who do not remarry, they usually just move into the same house.

More Stressful Role – Stepmom or Stepdad

Being a stepparent can be very difficult and challenging. Does the stepmom or the stepdad have a more difficult time? In my opinion, the stepmom has a more difficult time. Here are some reasons why: 

Parental Responsibilities. Becoming a stepmom means you have to be ready to perform all the functions of a biological mother. As opposed to a stepfather who simply needs to be the breadwinner of a family, you will need to teach, advise and take care of the children.

Contact Time.It is usually difficult for stepmoms to bond with their stepchildren. This is because the only time they can interact is during the short periods they are allowed to visit their biological father. This may be on a weekend or during the holidays.

Loyalty Conflicts. Developing a healthy relationship with stepmoms will usually come at the expense of a good relationship with the biological mother. For this reason, it is usually difficult for a child to open up to a stepmom.

Being a stepmom or a stepdad is a role which carries an immense significance. This is because you have decided to fill in the void left by an absent parent.

Becoming a stepparent is not as easy as it may sound. About 70% of families which involve a stepparent usually end up in divorce. For this reason, careful consideration and proper self-education should be taken. This helps you identify what is to be expected of you and if you are willing to shoulder such burden.

Elements of Success for Stepdads and Stepmoms

To become a successful stepparent, the following factors should be considered critically:

Marriage First. The biological parent has to enlighten the children on the status of the current relationship. Any decision being made should be made as a unit. This helps provide the image of an ideal relationship to the children.

Parenting Styles. Developing a way to handle parenting situations without conflict is important. To achieve this, partners must understand and also combine each person's style of parenting. There are parenting quizzes online which helps to identify the different parenting style.

Realistic Expectations. Making assumptions on how to be a stepparent can be a huge mistake. A previous marriage cannot teach you all you need to be a stepparent. It is also impossible for a parent to raise their child in becoming successful stepparents.

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Published by Emily Rose