Change is a seed to be cultivated within. I cannot change other people, places, and things, but I can change myself. How can I change and grow today? How can I become closer to the most authentic version of myself? I can do the things I love. I can do the things that serve me. I can take good care of myself. These are the basics; the specifics vary from person to person.


For me today changing and growing depends upon cultivating greater self-love and acceptance. Acceptance of where I am at with respect to my mind, body, and spirit. Acceptance of what is.


Healthy change occurs when I am able to acknowledge, rather than be overtaken by, the mental chatter and the thoughts contained within my brimming, busy brain. The flurries of worry and stress that can sometimes cause a full on blizzard of anxiety about the future. Thoughts about finances, or what I am supposed to be doing with my life, or where I should go next. I say hello to each of them, and return my attention to the present moment. I am here now. I sometimes laugh at how talented my monkey mind is at dangling particularly delicious dysfunctional thoughts before my awareness. I chose not to grab ahold. I chose to let that thought be, and watch it pass by.


I am living in a body right now. We all are. It is the place that we call home at the most fundamental level in this human experience. I challenge myself more and more every day to love and accept exactly how I look and feel today. This has always been very difficult for me, and is a challenge for all the women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Nearly every aspect of our external environment— advertising, entertainment, and social media—is saturated with particular ideas and largely unachievable ideals about how we should look and feel and dress and act. Over time, these ideals are internalized and passed on through family members, friends, and ourselves. I am happy to live in a society today in which women are beginning to unravel these ideals and love themselves regardless of shape, size, and appearance. Today I accept and love this physical body exactly as I am.


My body is also in a job that is not particularly stimulating and fulfilling for my spirit. However, it is a job, and today I am immensely grateful to have that added sense of security. I challenge myself to find ways to love my job. I love the structure that it provides in my life, allowing my routine to be more predictable and disciplined, and a little less chaotic and out of control. I've been exponentially more productive in all parts of my life sense acquiring this job, and that gives me a great sense of accomplishment. When my free time is condensed, I use it much more wisely. I have a nice, quiet space within which to work, and I get to sing in my office everyday! I play music and have mini-dance parties when I feel inspired to do so, or need to change the channel of my emotional body. Sometimes I get off a phone call frustrated, and dancing is the perfect medicine to deal with my anger. I accept that I am here now, and I am tasked to make the very, very best of my situation. I am here to learn, and I accept my role as a student in the cosmic sense.


All parts of my being are happy when I meditate and practice yoga regularly. I am blessed with a beautiful local yoga studio and community. I am also blessed to be generating interest and community around healthy living in a place whose consciousness is not turned on to the sort of information and habits I take as a given. I am grateful to have the time and space to write and see where my writing can take me. How are you delighting your mind, body, and spirit with growth and change today?

Published by Taylor Norris