Dance Moms Review: Season 6- Episode 26

Dance Moms Review: Season 6- Episode 26

Mommy Meltdown. Season 6, Epsiode 26.

What an episode, I feel like ALOT was exposed this week! Lets get right into it...

This week there was a mixed pyramid. 'A MIXED PYRAMID' I hear you say? Yes, unfortunately yes. Mini Alexus was on the bottom and of course her mother tried to question it and Abbey's response was, 'look in the mirror and ask yourself why?'. Go Abbey (I don't usually say that). Then we had mini Payton, followed by Nia, Jojo, Brynn. I was shocked, is she kidding? Jojo and Brynn got first place in their division last week and they were below the minis!? Abbey said it was because they had no emotion in their duet, which I partially agree with but I thought this was harsh. Then we had minis Areana, Lilliana, Elliana, ANA ANA ANA, followed by Kalani and Kendall on top of the pyramid.  I agreed with Jessalyn when she said, 'I'm not going to be below the minis on the pyramid- they shook their ass in a bathing suit.' You cannot compare these girls and I thought this was unfair.

This week the girls were heading to Fierce National Dance Competition in Phoenix Arizona. Kalani and  Brynn get a duet called 'Prettier than Poison' and Nia and Kendall get their duet from last week called 'Popstars.' The minis get a pretty lyrical number named 'Wait for me, Mom', in honour of mother's day and the elite team get ANOTHER character dance named 'Sun City Arizona', portraying their mothers. oh dear. 

The elite team get given zimmer-frame walkers as props for their dance, as they are depicting old people in a retirement village. This would be really fun... at the ALDC Pittsburgh annual showcase for the parents to have a giggle at the performance but this IS NOT a competition piece. It's almost like Abbey is too scared to do stripped back lyrical or contemporary at tough competitions without Maddie to front the routine. But they are more than capable and need the practice, hiding behind novelty dances is not the answer. The moms say they find the dance offensive, which I don't really understand, I think they just don't want to be embarrassed and it's clear the girls heart isn't in the number either. The moms stood up to Abbey and refused to let the girls compete this number in Arizona. They ask Abbey what their others choices are and Abbey suggests... IMPROV?! Is she crazy?

The minis work on their pretty lyrical and theres not really much to say here, it clearly takes a lot of rehearsal time to get it looking perfect, which took away from the elite team who really needed some extra time this week. 

I was so excited when Kalani and Brynn got a duet this week and it's obvious that Abbey wants to put her best foot forward for the performance in Arizona, Kalani and Brynn's home state. Abbey and the girls, needs to prove that her training is up to parr with Club Dance Studio, their old studio. Other than the obvious benefit of the 'Dance Moms' show platform and becoming household names, I sure as hell wouldn't leave Club Dance for many places. It is a fantastic, nationally renowned studio with killer training. So the duet really had something to prove, but I knew Kalani and Brynn could pull it together and put on a kick ass performance. It was a snake themed contemporary number and it was GORGEOUS. The costumes were less than exciting but their lines were perfection. The choreography was sophisticated, they intertwined with each other depicting the snakes and it was flawless. Their legs are like nothing else and their extension is.. wow, just wow. I couldn't get over it, this really shows just what these kids can achieve and what the ALDC can produce when they need to put on a good show and prove themselves. 

Nia and Kendall's Duet, 'Popstars', was pants in comparison. The choreography was old and there was nothing that told the 'popstar' story. The costumes were plain, if they were still supposed to be Beyonce and Lady Gaga, you couldn't tell at all and again, the choreography did not reflect this. The girls in their own music videos, like I've said before, are sassy confident and presented in a professional way, this depiction of 'popstars' felt more like me dressing up in bedroom was I was 9 making up a dance and song and putting on a performance for my Mum and Dad. The girls need to be pushed and given an opportunity for them to showcase their 'popstar' personas, this did not do that. I was surprised it got as high as 3rd place to be honest and I felt sorry for the girls, they did their best with what they were given.

The mom drama at the competition all stemmed from the minis wishing the elite team good luck, at frankly the wrong time and the girls being nice but being too busy preparing to compete to be extra doting to the little ones. The mini moms got offended and tried to speak to the elite moms, who didn't stand for their pathetic drama and tried to end the scene, which led to more drama. Oh dear. I did agree with the elite moms and when I watched it back, the older girls weren't mean to them at all, just busy. Abbey didn't care either, I think she's done with the mom drama and she seems to have softened, especially to the older girls.

In rehearsal, Abbey didn't make too much of a fuss when they refused to do 'Sun City Arizona' and gave them a slap-dash period of rehearsal time to walk them through spacing for a improv number, granted, she didn't care but she wasn't mean about it. It was all over the place and I was impressed the girls took the initiative to put together choreography with Gianna, rather than risk the improv. IT WAS GORGEOUS. It was called 'Why wait' and they wore simple white smock dresses and it was contemporary in style. It was effortless, beautiful and emotional. Kalani started things off with her gorgeous legs and it's now clear she has taken the lead in the group. Brynn was gorgeous and Jojo drew attention with her incredible turns. Nia took front and centre for the section with the rounded high kicks and she was back on form and didn't stand out like last week. Kendall was great but she didn't stand out, I thought she could have brought more to the dance. Overall it was gorgeous and really displayed what this team can accomplish when they are given meaningful choreography. It got first place and I was so please for them, take that Abbey! Do they even need you any more? I'm hoping all those future character dances can go back to the drawing board. 

The minis lyrical was also beautiful and Areana stood out a mile with her amazing turns at the beginning. Lilliana, the new girl, also stood out for me, she has gorgeous leaps and legs. In general, the choreography was of a high standard and really showcased just how good these minis are for their age. They got first place and I was pleased for them. After their performance, the minis presented Abbey with a large print of her mother, for whom the dance was dedicated too, along with the mother's day theme.

All in all, a great episode. Abbey was proved wrong with the elite team and now knows she needs to push them rather than dull their confidence with novelty dances. But does she want to push the older girls when she has a brand new mini team that keeps winning? I wonder if she is just bored of the elite team and as Jill said, she seems 'infatuated with the minis'. 

Watch this space, more Dance Moms drama is on the way...

B x

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