Day 3: Do you have any childhood nicknames? If so, do you like them?

Growing up, I only had two nicknames. I didn't realize just how much my family, and my extended family (all from my mother's side), used them until this past weekend. Unfortunately, a majority of us were all gathered for a funeral of a family member of ours who'd passed away from ALS. There were family members that I see a few times a year and other family members that I haven't seen since I was a baby. There are very few family members who actually call me by my name.

My name is Sabrina.

The family that I haven't seen in years, and apparently the family that I have over in Mexico, all call me Sabrinita. These are usually the people that I have no recollection of. Whenever I encounter them, they always mention how they haven't seen me since I was a baby and how grown up I am. This one never bothers me. In Spanish, the suffix -ita (o)  is usually added to someones names to mean them to be small kids. Small, babies, young, etc. In my mind, they still call me Sabriniita because to them, the only image they have of me is of when I was a baby. 

 My family and the extended family members that I see often throughout the year all call me Saby. I don't  know if it was my grandma who first started calling me this or if it was my older sister, but it's the one that stuck. My grandma, aunts and uncles, cousins, sisters, everyone that I grew up with basically knows me as Saby instead of Sabrina. I would actually prefer that they call me Saby over my name. I don't know if it's just endearing or if it makes me feel closer to everyone because they know this nickname of mine, but I love it. I had an ex-boyfriend who once tried to give me a nickname and came across Saby. It doesn't sit well when non-family members call me it. So I've prohibited non-family members from calling me this.

I generally don't like nicknames. But these two have stuck with me all my life.

Published by Sabrina Cardenas