There is one simple rule for easy and happy lives. All you need to do is following the long-established norms of human societies without questioning the rightness and appropriateness of these standards in different periods of time. For instance, in most parts of the world, women should learn to be good wives who give birth to a lot of children as well as good daughters-in-law who devote their lives to the husbands' families. They do not receive the approval to have educations, to raise voices or to run businesses. Those who turn against these "laws" would definitely end up in poverty and solidarity. In a logical point of view, it is nothing more than the modern slavery but many females still believe and act upon those unreasonable demands. Should we need to be helplessness, self-defenseless, and modest just to be women?

Why do we turn ourselves into such incompetent creatures? Why are we so afraid of being beautiful, confident, and competent? What are the main causes of sex-based discrimination, the men who are dominating us or the women ourselves? There must be certain reasons for Mother Nature to make us so different from the other half of the world. Many of our sisters have misunderstood what Mother Nature implied in our delicate bone structures, our petite hands, and our complicated emotions. Some of us are more likely to hide their feminine identities by spending hours in gymnasiums to build massive muscles or relinquish the right to wear makeup. In their opinions, to look like women means to be weak. Wait a minute... Does it mean that we need to look like men to be respected?

Some of you might argue that species which are unable to protect themselves from negative impacts will eventually face their own extinctions. However, we women were born to survive and we were meant to be different. To be honest, I do aware of the risks of being fragile females, for example, sexual harassments, and physical violations to name a few. Nevertheless, to be strong does not mean to look strong. In fact, women need to act for their safety on the streets and for their potency at the workplaces. To change the status quo, instead of sacrificing our feminine nature, we need to alter the social norms that are falsely impeding females from being proficient and prosperous.

So... What should we do to be strong? Education is the answer you will get.Being ignorance and lack of professional skills is the fastest way to have your own gender degraded. There are many ways that women can give their love, care, and compassion to their beloved families. For instance, mothers who went to colleges are more likely to be better mentors for their own kids at home. Wives who have their own careers are more likely to better understand the pressure and tension that their husbands used to face at work.

To sum up, there are four easy steps that you could take in order to achieve an enjoyable living as a woman:

  • Wear nice clothes
  • Put your makeup on
  • Step out to see the world and reach out to others females
  • Keep learning new things

Women will never find the inner peace until they gain the abilities to treasure their own nature.

Published by Khanh Hoa Vo Thi


Jan 9, 2020, 8:42:53 AM

Nov 15, 2019, 9:28:48 AM

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Jul 18, 2019, 11:18:27 AM

Thanks for sharing, being a women I'm finding article informative because these are the things that might getting ignored by us in our routine life.

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