Immigration is a threat to our country--that's what they say. They've been saying it for years. 

Those who have been saying it have ancestors who immigrated over here. They were opposed by the Native and indigenous people up and down the north and south American coast. That didn't stop them from tearing through the forests, committing genocide on the people, and forcing Christianity on people who felt secure in their own creation already. 

Standing Rock has been standing against this for longer than the pipeline debate. They and all of the other natives up and down the north and south American coast have been standing for longer than you can fathom. 

Donald Trump has a position of power in the States. We, the people, are the actual power of the states. I can't reasonably say "united" states, because we aren't united. We're one of the most divided countries. In fact, we're one of the only countries out here without an actual history of ourselves. Why? Because we destroyed the people who held the history of this land. And the survivors we shove in places we call reservations to live in poverty and addiction. We don't celebrate them, we don't teach about them, we don't even act like they exist anymore. A big round of applause for the nation with "unparalleled success". 

As Mike Pence would say. That's a quote from him, from his address to the Federalist Society. 

I believe that the majority of the people Trump wishes to deport (which isn't going to happen) are first generation children of immigrants, as well as their parents. I believe he would extend this to any generation immigrant. Any brown, black, or yellow immigrant, that is. 

You see, Mike pence has a grandfather. And Mike Pence's grandfather immigrated here from Ireland. But he didn't word it as "immigrated", he worded it as "[my grandfather] came to this country". His grandfather, Richard Michael Cawley? Mike calls him "courageous" for crossing the ocean and coming here. Courageous! 

But come across the boarder from the south hoping for the same thing those Europeans hoped for: a better, wealthier, healthier life, and you're a criminal. Come across the boarder without white skin, and you're a criminal

Go ahead and try and deport me. My mother's family is Polish. They came here way before Mike Pence's courageous grandfather. My father is African American and Cherokee: one half of him didn't ask to come to this shit country, the other half was already here. The farthest you can deport me, you morons, is  what's now called Tennessee. Do it. 

If immigration of European Americans was as tight as it is for everyone coming from every other country, Mike Pence wouldn't be here and neither would Trump or his wife. If the Indigenous people hadn't been friendly to your ancestors, hadn't trusted your ancestors, you wouldn't be here. Get off your high horse. 


Published by Alishia Dauterive