Diversity, Tolerance, Unity, Generosity.

Diversity, Tolerance, Unity, Generosity.

"I take as my guide the hope of a saint: in crucial things, unity - in important things, diversity - in all things, generosity." ~ President George Bush.

Diversity is the state of being different. Multiple forms. Unlikeness. Having points of difference.

We are afraid of being different. Of standing out.

We don't accept others who are different easily.

We are afraid of what we do not understand.

Intolerance is rife at present.

I believe diversity brings the chance to learn.

We do not all have to agree, but we can respect other people's views, belief systems, religions, cultures and we can learn from them.

Each and every one of us has something to contribute.

We recognize diversity builds a stronger environment. In nature we understand diversity is essential for a strong eco-system.

Yet we in society at present are barley tolerant of anyone who differs from us.

What are we afraid of?


We make judgements about things we know nothing about.

Are we just looking for someone to blame for the things that are not going right in our world?

Us and them.

We do not all need to agree, if a value or opinion or religion or belief system does not fit with you; that's fine. Don't believe it. Don't adopt it. But, let's try to accept that to another person, who is every bit as important as you, those beliefs and values mean a lot.

Tolerance. Generosity. Unity.

Published by Kristy Hunt


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