The best way to get something done is to do it yourself. Wondering how to make do of your crafty hands in decorating your home? Keep reading to find out how to do it yourself!

Anyone who recently moved knows how difficult it is to settle down in a completely new place. Add in the extra pressure of decorating it makes it even more hectic and disheartening to move. This is why DIY tips and tricks are important to know when you’ve moved.

Let’s talk about what DIY means, loosely translated it means doing it yourself. There are many things in a house that can easily be done by yourself but our laziness takes over. The reason for opting to do things yourself is not only cost-effective but it gives everyone a sense of accomplishment along with a sense of belonging to a place.

Now, let’s move on to talking about the things you can do yourself to make your home/room look better than it did before.

1. Bedsheets and Table Cloths.

The most important item for a human being to go out is their outfit – not only does your outfit define who you are but also makes for a good impression. Similarly, this is the case for our furniture. If the furniture is left out without any décor on it such as bed sheets or table cloths, it would look incomplete – and dirty. The last thing you need is to clean up every corner of your house repeatedly.

Now, the trick here is to get easily washable cloths that fit your own aesthetic and then sew it yourself. The reason this is so important is because of how easy it is, you can easily find DIY videos on sewing it and once you’ve mastered it – it becomes super easy.

Not only is this trick super cost-effective, but it is also just as smart. Making your own bed sheets and table cloths means you get to decide the fabric, color, and style of it. It gives you full control of what’s kept in your house.

Who doesn’t love a customized table cloth or bed to sleep on?

2. Decoration pieces.

Every house has a small corner with little ornaments that make it look chic and complete. Now, these ornaments are expensive when you go buy them in the market. Which is why we’ve come up with a trick to do it yourself.

This only requires scrap paper along with a few empty cups or plastic things that are ready to be discarded. You can easily use old stuff that you were about to throw away by painting them a little and making them look like decoration pieces.

If nothing works out, you can always make small decoration pieces by using matchsticks and a little bit of paint!

Everyone loves an artist at play!

3. Diamond Painting?

A house does not feel like a house until you put something that feels like yours. Your home should show that is yours the minute someone walks in. The reason people don’t put up pictures in their rooms is that it might come off as tacky to some. Putting up paintings is also an option you can pursue but not every color goes with your room furniture and style.

Which is why we advise you to hang something that you’ve done yourself. One of the easiest options is to opt for a diamond painting. Diamond paintings are done with jewels and rhinestones, they are usually in small sizes to large. The reason we suggest this is due to the immense popularity it has gained over the past year – and not to forget, the diamond kits available at Diamond Painting Art are dirt cheap!

Who doesn’t love a bedazzled room? Get your diamond kit and get started!

4. Painting the Walls.

No matter how much everyone tries to convince you – never believe that you cannot paint your own walls. This is one of the most easily done things by yourself with the help of paint buckets and roller brushes. You can easily find both things at any store and it cuts a lot of expense of hiring someone to do it.

Painting your own wall not only gives you an edge to decide what you think is best for your room, but it also gives you the room to experiment with colors and decide what looks best after the final touch. Hiring someone to do this would only be a waste of money.

Bring out the brushes and paint your room the color of your soul!




Published by Mohsin Ahsan