Do you believe in fairy tales?

Once, when we were all children, our mothers would tell us magnificent stories of princes rescuing princesses, of heroes slaying dragons and beasts, tales of happy endings; and we would stare in awe and how we wish when we are older,that would happen to us too! Like what happened to Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) or Cinderella!

But does it do us any good believing in these fairy tales?

On one side, it teaches us that it's okay to dream. That sometimes, a little imagination is all we need to get through the day. Not just as small children but as adults. Don't we all need a little daydreaming once or twice a day in our lives? It helps take our mind off of heavy things and drifts us off to happy wonderland, where no one or nothing can harm us. In contrast to the real world.

What is wrong with fairy tales? It's not real life, it's not true. If we dwell on fairy tales too long, we might think they really happen and this skews our perception of reality. We would all be trying hard to "perfect" everything, which is next to impossible since we are imperfect human beings. We would imitate exactly what is in the fairy tale and when what we want to happen doesn't happen, we become frustrated, angry even! Angry with our lives because things didn't turn out as expected! But such is real life!

Be careful when reading fairy tales to your daughter. 

Read safely. 












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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo


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