Do You Like Funny? Why not join in?

Do You Like Funny? Why not join in?

Ok so the picture of the horse might have been a bit much.  But if you like funny and more importantly like to read funny books then why not join in the first ever #ComedyBookWeek!  Set up by authors to showcase the best in comedy books #ComedyBookWeek is an event running from 16-23 July with reviews, author interviews, live Q &A sessions and lots of other things happening all related to comedy books.  Not only that but a lot of books will be free or available at a discounted rate during that week plus some special Goodreads giveaways!!!

I myself will be posting 5 book reviews during the week, 5!  The first will be published on the 16th so why not take a look at my blog (if you want to) and join in! 

Ok, before this sounds like a complete advert let's not forget that funny books are good for our health.  While comedy's never been my favourite genre of books it's fast becoming a genre I love.  There's nothing better than reading a funny book when you're feeling down.  Not only do books in general help us to escape our own (sometimes miserable) reality for a time, but to read something funny, something written to make you laugh can only help cheer up those days we feel down.  I for one can say, suffering depression, that a good comedy book can help me during one of those down moods.  And the ones I've already read have had me literally laughing out loud.  All good and well when you're at home, not so good when you're on a packed train, but hey, that's the beauty of comedy!

So, if you want to join in the first ever #ComedyBookWeek, there's a dedicated website for the event with details of the event plus a calendar of everything that's happening.

Look out for the hashtag #ComedyBookWeek too and why not help spread the word and make this first #ComedyBookWeek one to remember and a benchmark for future years.  Please share this post or details about #ComedyBookWeek (and don't forget to use the hashtag) on any social media platform you can!  :)


To visit the official #ComedyBookWeek website:

To visit my personal blog/website to see my reviews during the week:

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