I took the plunge recently and decided to pay for my own .com site. Even though I have a rudimentary knowledge of HTML, CSS coding and such I decided to go with a hosting company that would take care of most of the leg work for me thus allowing me to concentrate on creative content.

I chose BlueHost and I went with a three year plan because of the extra features it provided for free. Namely, Domain Privacy Protection.

What's all this NSA spying for if it isn't protecting us from douchenozzles pretending to be IRS agents?

Being the scatterbrain I am in times of creativity I never bothered to check to see if this option was indeed activated. All of sudden I'm getting calls and e-mails from Matchstick Men. Two to three calls a day, one or two e-mails a week. I'll admit a few of the calls were harmless enough, web designers trying to sell me their "skills" while exhibiting the most annoying and piss-poor traits of even the worst used car salesman.

One e-mail offered to register my website with all the major search engines for a meager $300 (and that was with a "70% discount"). We haven't needed to register our websites with the major search engines for years now. We'll just file these jokers at submityourwebsite.org under the needs a serious punch to the bollocks file.

Then yesterday I had the most egregious scam attempted upon me. I received a recorded message from the "IRS" informing me of a pending law-suit against me. I was already depressed, and that call threw me into a major funk. Here I am trying to pick myself out of the holes I've dug myself into and BAM! Another major problem. The more I thought about it, the angrier I got.

Full of ire, I reversed looked up the number and did some research online. Turns out this scam has been going on for a while. What's all this NSA spying for if it isn't protecting us from douchenozzles pretending to be IRS agents? The number, 206-238-1204, was out of Seattle, Washington. With liquid courage under my belt, I called the number back only to have it answered by a tool who sounded more like he works part-time for his uncle Jayesh at the 7/11 than for the IRS. In fact, most of the scam calls I've been getting are straight out of India.

WTF, India? I'd expect this unscrupulous behavior from Pakistan, not you guys. I have to laugh at all the Indian web designers contacting me to see if I need their services. How could I possibly trust anyone over there if their own government isn't cracking down on these rampant phishing scams?

Long story short, after a lot of me harassing these cretins to vent off the infuriating anger raging inside of me (these asswipes have ripped off the elderly, screw them). I suddenly remembered I had paid for Domain Privacy Protection with BlueHost. In my naivety I had thought it would've been activated immediately. I was wrong.

BlueHost were kind enough to help me out, but that didn't stop me from informing them it was rather asinine to not have this option activated right away.

So if you're thinking of starting your own blog or website please make sure the first thing you do is activate Domain Privacy Protection. Else that Nairobi prince will be contacting you for that small loan of 10k with the 500% interest rate attached to it which will undoubtedly be deposited in your bank account in the not-so foreseeable future. 

Published by AJ Beamish