Early Bird Dinner Menu at Cody's Original Roadhouse

Early Bird Dinner Menu at Cody's Original Roadhouse

Early Bird Dinner Menu at Cody's Original Roadhouse

When we arrived in Spring Hill a couple of weeks back, these were the first search words I entered in Google. "Best restaurants, Spring Hill, Florida".  I wanted to know quickly where the good food is in this town. That search yielded a top ten list from Tripadvisor.  The number 1 listing  was  Cody's Original Roadhouse. It piqued my interest immediately. What made it clinch the  top spot? Its buy 1 get 1 Fajita nights on Wednesdays? Or their famous bottomless salad bowl? Or their distinct offerings on other days of the week? Perhaps their early bird dinner specials from 3pm to 6pm? There really is only one way to find out.

On a late Saturday afternoon, straddling between a late lunch and early dinner, we drove  into Cody's. It was the perfect time to avoid the weekend crowd. As soon as I saw this sign, I was excited already about the food!

Just Plain Good Food at Cody's

Cody's Welcome Signage

Cody's Attractions

When we were led to our booth, our server Katie brought us a sizable bucket of shelled peanuts. To quell our hunger pangs, we started snacking on them.

Peanuts for Starters

Shelled Peanuts for Starters

It reminded me so much of our time at Long Bar at The Raffles, Makati.  You can find my blog post on it here.

Peanuts Galore at Long Bar

Long Bar Peanuts

Yup, same drill. Eat all you can peanuts, and you can throw all of the shells on the floor. When people step on the shells and you hear them crack, it gives you some sense of satisfaction. Maybe, it's the fact that you can make a mess, and not need to clean it up? That is kinda awesome.

You can throw the peanut shells on the floor

Peanut Shells on the Floor y'all!

We quickly grabbed the Menu for the Early Bird Specials. You know me, I live for cheap thrills!

The Menu for Early Bird Specials

Cody's Early Bird Specials

Today's Early Bird Special

I opted for Chef Glen's Special for the Day- the Blackened Pork Chop. I didn't realize that three weeks away from home, I was already having pork chop withdrawal symptoms. So it was time for some pig love. I ordered a center cut loin, blackened with salt, pepper and other spices, laid down in butter toast. A siding of mashed potatoes and white gravy joined my plate.

Today's Special

The Blackened Porkchop: Chef Glen's Special for the Day

It came with Cody's Famous Bottomless Salad Bowl... I wondered what this was. We looked everywhere for a salad bar and found none. Then, from out of nowhere, Katie came to our table, and started mixing something up in a huge stainless steel bowl.

The Salad Bowl

The Salad Bowl

Garlic ranch dressing, iceberg lettuce, juicy tomatoes, red onions, pepperoncinis, grated sharp cheddar and crunchy croutons. Nothing fancy here. Maybe not even the healthiest salad you could opt for.  But what a salad fix this was!

The Famous Bottomless Salad Bowl

Cody's Salad Bowl

If you came for the salad, but was too lazy tossing one up for yourself, this is the perfect deal for you. Your very own salad butler! Very, very cool!

Yeast Rolls with Whipped Cinnamon Sugar Butter

Yeast Rolls with Whipped Cinnamon Sugar Butter

A bread basket came with the salad.  We peeped into it and saw freshly baked fluffy yeast rolls and whipped sweet cinnamon butter. Yayy!!

All that for the great price of $9.49!

To catch this amazing deal, remember to visit Cody's Mondays to Saturdays, from 3:30 til 6 pm except holidays. They have several locations around the Sunshine State. There are many places to catch the peanut shells crackling, salad bowls to your heart's delight, a variety of value meals for early dinner. Cody's Original Roadhouse is definitely a go!

Cody's Original Roadhouse
3101 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL 34606
+1 352-683-8909

P.S: This article originally appears on my blog, Chowpowwows, where chow is always on the lowdown.

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