From the north also known as canada in the cold city of toronto there is an entrepreneur and community advocacy by the name of elijah sommerz to whom has in the past given advocacy for injustice in the direction of the reformation of the canadian scrupulousness system with recommendations of chauvinism findings with a convocation with the united nations afrocentric group experts to whom unembellished priority for People of African Descent globally elijah sommerz advocacy dates back to 2016 . 

Recently elijah sommerz has been indignation with the law enforcement callousness that is supplementarily to horrendous manslaughter of minneapolis native george floyd, he has also went on to further express his outlook on society and his religious outlook and why he feels he's religious outlook is one of invulnerability and admonishment he express openly that there's another agenda behind the global communal propaganda and the extirpation macrocosm and anti-Black racism globally ,

What Type of Moroorsh Is Elijah sommerz??

For starters, some may not be aware that elijah sommerz is Moorish and is

He as also an Islamic to whom is founded to be moorish sovereign citizen

Elijah's sommerz is quintessential surmises aristocracy to whom countenance is lodge with no jurisdiction of limitations,with Securities & Investment declarations and or .treasures consortium with his religion being one of main tenets are love, truth, peace, freedom and justice,But at its heart, to further note to readers there not much information further on elijah sommerz musilum religious outlook currently and or to date at the time of this noted contraption he is a diifrfent moorish type that is rare to whom believes that Holy Prophet is the ‘’Khatam al-anbiya.'’.

What is the Moorish Science Temple of America ??

 Moorish Science Temple of America, U.S. religious movement founded in Newark, N.J, in 1913 by Timothy Drew (1886–1929), known to followers as Noble Drew Ali and also as the Prophet. Drew Ali taught that all blacks were of Moorish origins but had their Muslim identity taken away from them through slavery and racial segregation. 

He advocated that they should “return” to the Islam of their Moorish forefathers, redeeming themselves from racial oppression by reclaiming their historical spiritual heritage. 

He also encouraged use of the term “Moor” rather than “black” in self-identification. Many of the group’s formal practices were derived from Muslim observances. 

Rigorous obedience to the Prophet’s regulations was required, and certain foods were forbidden. The group’s sacred text was the Holy Koran, which was distinct from the Qurʾān of orthodox Islam and which members considered to have been divinely revealed by Allah to Drew Ali. 

The work begins with a long narrative spanning from the Fall of Man to the Resurrection of Jesus; it includes moral instructions by Drew Ali and closes with a prophecy of the imminent “uplift of fallen humanity.” 

The Unknown or Untold On Why Elijah Sommerz Outlook Is Based On Unknown Historical Facts Of Ancestry Rituals…

  1. Despite majority Moroccans speak Arabic, Moroccans mostly descended from the Berbers. 
  2. It gives Morocco a different status compared to other Arab speaking nations.
  3. Morocco was the first ever muslim nation to recognize the independence of the United States, at 1777. Morocco and the United States later formed an alliance in the early 19th century, and it is still the longest alliance in the world, although their friendship is not long like the Polish-Hungarian friendship.
  4. King Mohammed VI of Morocco is considered as one of the most liberal Arab Kings in the Arab world. Do you know, he first met Princess Salma, who he later got impressed. Salma is known for her liberal view and publicity known, so she was the reason that King Mohammed VI decided not to follow Saudi Arabia’s royal model.
  5. Along with Tunisia and Jordan, Morocco is known for its tolerance towards the Jewish population. During the 1960s, Morocco allowed many Moroccan Jews to emigrate to Israel.
  6. Morocco had been once belong to Arab Caliphate, however, the Berbers managed to defeat the Arab invaders and repulsed them back to Egypt and the Middle East. Morocco was the only Arab-speaking nation that never ruled by the Turks.
  7. Chefchaouen, Morocco is famous for many blue houses. It is known as “the blue town” for its visible blue color. Many people who love relaxing also come here, as it is located near the Mediterranean.
  8. In Marrakech, you can enjoy going to the bazaar there. It has many things for you. But notably, when you are buying, the shop owner might also invite you to drink tea with sugar mints
  9. Moroccans can speak these languages: Arabic, Amazigh, Spanish and French. It made it a bit different to other Arab nations, since Spanish is widely used for its location near Spain.
  10. In Morocco, it has the coldest place in Africa, Toubkal. The highest peak in Africa, this, together with Ifrane, are two coldest places in Morocco. Very quite different to many people as they thought Morocco must be “hot and desert”. But not like that. About Ifrane, it is a skiing resort and famous destination for many students from Arab world to Africa.

 Moorish Masonry Science Spin-Off