Escape from the BS

Not sure if you all know this, my original followers do, but I’m married. GASP! I know, shocking, but true. My husband is currently in Philadelphia with his newborn daughter and girlfriend. I promise to god if I ever see meet this “girlfriend” I’m going to knock her fuckin teeth out her mouth, and then thank her for being the disrespectful, stupid bitch she is and taking the abuse for me.

 You see, everyone always wants something they can’t have, then when they get it they realize it’s not all you thought it was. My husband felt me wanting to finish school and not wanting kids at the time was a good enough reason for him to go cheat. I cried for MONTHS when I found out he got another woman pregnant. Thinking back on it, idk why though. I knew he was cheating, which was why we never had unprotected sex, and I knew I didn’t want kids with him until he got his anger under control, but I was his wife. He married me, he made vows to me. I was doing everything a wife was supposed to do. I worked, went to school, cooked, clean, tended to him, I mean what more did he want?

I deal with a lot of married men in my line of work and I always ask them what it is that brought them to me, and everything they complain about are things I make sure I don’t do in a relationship. I know whatever it is a man is missing at home he’s going to go find elsewhere, but what happens when they find It?

What happens when the marriage is just dead, so dead that they don’t even consider it a marriage and they find what they’re missing?  Do they just walk away? Do they try to make it work at home one last time, then leave? Do they need to make sure this is really what they want before doing so? Or do they just keep it on the back burner and use it as a what I like to call an, “escape from the bullshit?” 

Published by ShylahBoss Lee


Aug 10, 2016, 5:19:53 AM

I think it's the "escape from the bullshit". Also, some people just think they are above the rules of morals and society that they expect other people to adhere to. Also, some people are just bad people. Good riddance for you.

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